XP tweaks to optimize you system’s speed

A perennial complaint of all PC users is that their computers are getting slower and slower. They presume that as if any old machinery, the PC also tends to become slow in its operation. The desire to replace the old one with a new PC prevents them from having a close look at what other things that could be done to stop the slowing process and restore the normal speed. The cost of replacement not being low, they are content to carry on with their PCs. No special magic has been invented for the purpose. Simple procedures have been recommended by xp tweaks and by following them meticulously, your PC can be restored to its original working condition.

The causes for the slowdown and the recommendation of xp tweaks can be analyzed and action needs to be taken by PC users to get the desired results.

Some of the causes for slowing down of the system are related to the routine working of the PC. Pictures, animations, and background sound slow down the PC. So, also are shortcuts. There are clear methods for eliminating the slowing process because of these factors by tweaking. You select Properties by right click on My Computer icon. Proceeding to Advanced tab you have to select settings next to performance. To get the best performance from your system select adjust, click ok twice to get one of the best xp tweaks.  Some more reasons for slow down are Browser by default plain, installing of many extensions, themes, and curser symbols. Removing them is a simple method of speeding up your computer. This is done by right clicking and going to properties through Windows classic theme.

Songs, also lead to slowing down your PC. Removing them by a good tweak will solve the problem. Sounds from the control panel can be removed by double clicking on the sounds icon. Other items that are recommended to be removed are MS Word, Notepad, image and similar files stored in the PC or in shortcuts are to be properly arranged or removed. Since there is double check on removal of unwanted files you need not too much worry about removing wanted files. Create new folders with single holder for MS word, images, sounds and note pad files. This will help in saving valuable space. The xp tweaks strongly recommends tese procedures.

Unwanted files, using proper search tool can be located. This pertains to specific items like images etc. The search tool will help in removing the unwanted image files. The same procedure is recommended for sound files also.  Only after the operation will you realize that your PC was holding so much of junk. A word of caution is advised by xp tweaks because you should not remove files you need by mistake, In fact, some of them may be system for the good working of the PC. Removal of these files may even harm the system. Bookmarks, favorites in your web browser and cookies, cache are also unwanted thinks. Use xp tweaks to free your PC.

The above procedure will certainly improve the speed of your PC.

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This article is written by Alden White, who also writes for xptweaks.net, a site featuring xp tweaks, windows xp tweaks, and xp performance tweaks.

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