XC: Loyds Lake Classic

Monticello’s Adam Butler and Macee Nielson each set a new course record at the Loyds Lake Classic Cross Country race on September 17. Butler’s time of 17:24 over the 3.1 mile course bested the prior record by 10 seconds. Nielson shattered her old record by nearly 30 seconds in a time of 19:10.

Taylor Francom led the San Juan Broncos with a second place finish in 17:46.

Other racers from San Juan, and their placement, include Jade Grover (8), Cody Hatcher (13), Michael Flavel (19), Devon Howe, Kyson Shumway and Dallas Hall in the boys varsity race.

The San Juan girls finished second as a team, led by Katie Hiatt (5), Brielle Francom (7), Danielle Wilson (9), Rylee Lyman (15), Makenzie Ward (16), Michelle Keith (17), Heather Palmer (20) and Kelli Meyer.

After Butler’s top finish, the Buckaroo boys were led by Kelland Brewer (12), Trey Esplin (21), David Boyle (22), Sean Getter (23), Trent Sonderegger and Jacob Shakespeare.

The Buckaroo girls included Loren Randall (11), Shelby Lewis (13), Julie Butler (21), Jen Mantz (22), Hannah Boyle (23), and Rachel Beh.

Whitehorse Raiders who ran in the boys race include Tyler Sam (16), Kenny Whitehair (18), Jerod Mitchell (20), Travis Martin (25), Bentley Benally, Karl Holly and Jonathan Nielson.

Top Lady Raider finishers include Tia Whitehorse, Jade Lansing, Michelle Jim, Sharmita Benally and Kijtil Yazzie.

Representing Monument Valley High School were Derick Halliday (17) and Steven Holiday in the boys varsity race, Leshanria Teesyatoh (7) in the girls junior varsity, and Alicia Nielson and Tiesha Haycock in the girls junior high race.

Representing Navajo Mountain High School were Deidra Jensen (12) in the girls varsity race, Jesse King (10) in the boys junior varsity, Roxine Yazzie (19) in the girls junior varsity,

The San Juan girls won the junior varsity race. They were paced by Robin Jones (1), Jeannie Kirk (2), Abby Hatcher (4), Jessica Bergeman (10), Kimber Mitchell (11), Audrey Luttrell (18), and Jessica Bradford (22). Broncos in the boys junior varsity race include Ryan Gardner (9), Even Black (11), Andrew Redd (12), Talon Kartchner (13), David Webb (20), Hans Hurst (21) and Jarrod Gardner (22).

Monticello racers in the junior varsity races include Dallin Anderson (14), Jordan Hugentobler (18) and Paul Barton (25) in the boys race and Marisa Schmidt (3), Mariah Harris (5), Jaimie Pipkin (9), and Risha Price (20) for the girls.

Whitehorse racers in the junior varsity races include Adam Yazzie (8), Joseph John (19), Eric Sam (24), Sabian Yellowman and Zachary Jones in the boys race and Keana Thomas (17), Kelly Whitehair (21), Ladahna Tolth (23) and Syphelia Benally (24) for the girls.

Kayla McArthur finished second in the junior high girls race to pace Monticello. Other runners from Monticello include Sadee Musselman (11), Brittany Keith (16), Becca Getter, Tara Frost, and Carlie Whipple for the girls and Justin Wright (4), Nash Freestone (5), Van DeMille (10) Dillon Maughan (11), Sheldon Lewis (12), Collin Hatch (16), Easton Nielson (18), Jens Brewer (20), and Everet Hatch (21),

Albert R Lyman Middle School ran away with the junior high races with 27 racers in the boys race and 21 in the girls race. They were paced by a top finish by Christian Sherrow in the boys race.

Other boy racers include Jens Grover (6), Chase Chamberlain (8), Jonathan Lewis (9), Patton Black (13), Garret Barton (19), Wil Toshoni (22), Spencer Rock (24), Davin Lyman, Eli Black, Michael Blake, Teancum Chamberlain, Michael Palmer, Braxton Bown, Austin Enders, Kaden Rose, Logan Pemberton, Brennan Tanner, Kesian Barton, Jonathan Pugh, Tirich Gardner, Alex Redd, Adam Ward, Cole Chamberlain, Colton Lyman, Brandon Johnson and Ashton Jones.

The ARL girls were led by Trienna Arthur (4), Dominique Sherrow (6), Riva Thompson (7), Whitney Jacobson (8), Katrisa Ward (12), Brittany Bleak (19), Cami Tanner (21), Jessie Ivans (22), Klea Hurst (24), Carsyn Endres, Jennifer Webb, Ciara Lyman, Emily Royer, Melody Hatcher, Megan Harvey, Talia Kyles, Kelsey Flavel, Kira Simpson, Hannah Parker, Mattea Lacey and Molly Macdonald.

Top junior high racers for Whitehorse include Matthew Lewis (23) and Thomas Lewis in the boys race and Jessica Capitan (5), Celeste Lansing (9), Yolynbah Dickson (13), Brandi John (14), Christy Dickson (20), Monae Primeaux and Kimberlynn Chiquito in the girls.

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