Wildlife poaching may be on the rise

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying those responsible for illegally killing a 31 inch, 4x4 buck Mule Deer in San Juan County. The buck was found on March 10, 2012, by a Blanding resident who contacted DWR officers.
The incident occurred southeast of the White Mesa Mill near the Black Mesa Butte road. The deer was shot within the last couple of months, but did not die immediately. Evidence suggests that the deer may have lived 2-4 weeks before dying from its injuries.
A reward of $1,500 is being offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the illegal killing of this deer.
There have been several other poaching cases in San Juan County: four buck deer poached in Montezuma Canyon; a 7x7 bull elk poached on the Summit Point Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU); and a 6x6 bull elk poached on the Elk Ridge. Several more active poaching cases have taken place throughout the fall and winter.
Cow elk and doe deer have not been exempt either. With the help of multiple concerned citizens, some of these cases have been investigated and prosecuted. One notable case involved individuals who had illegally killed several doe deer and left them to rot.
Poaching is a serious crime that affects hunters, wildlife watchers, and the general public. Anyone with information related to any of these wildlife crimes is asked to contact the UTiP Hotline at 800-662-3337.
Information will be strictly confidential and a monetary reward is available for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. San Juan County DWR Officer Dennis Shumway can also be reached at 435-630-3603.

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