White Mesa Bear Dance

Results from the Rez Wild 1st Annual Mud Bog – ATV Race held September 2, 3, 4, 2011
Pro Modified Class:
First Place – Herbert Chief – Tuba City, AZ “old chevy” 2.7 sec
Second Place – C.J. Toledo – Cuba, NM “lethal injection” 2.71 sec
Third Place – Sherman Stash – Bluff, UT “3.2 express” 4.5 sec
Modified Class:
First Place – Shawn Carter – Montezuma Creek, UT “ol slam da hood” 4.8 sec
Second Place – Harrison Carter – Blanding, UT “bad attitude” 13.8 sec
Third Place – Thompson Tsosie – Bluff, UT “unforgettable” 121 Ft
Super Stock Class:
First Place – Nielton Nakai – Red Mesa, AZ “wanted outlaw” 6.2 sec
Second Place – Lynalla Nakai – Red Mesa, AZ “wanted outlaw” 9.7 sec
Third Place – Ryan Jelly – Monticello, UT “mud freak” 146.9 Ft
Stock Class:
First Place – Hamilton Clark – Blanding, UT “the hulk” 95.1 Ft
Second Place – Robert Jorgenson – Blanding, UT “sailing” 23.6 Ft
ATV Barrel Race Results
4 wheeler – 200cc & up (18 yrs and older division):
First Place – Harrison Hutchins – Blanding, UT “lil red” Honda 440 – 18.97 sec
Second Place – Todd Wells – Towaoc, CO “master blaster” 350 Yamaha – 19.72 sec
Third Place – Timothy Morris – White Mesa, UT “banchie” 350 Yamaha – 21.31 sec
Girls Division:
First Place – Lynalla Benn – Bluff, UT “dark side” 450 Honda – 20.34 sec
Second Place Tanesha Wells – Towaoc, CO “master blaster” 350 Yamaha – 21.35 sec
Third Place – Lyandea Benn – Bluff, UT “dark side” 450 Honda – 22.74 sec
4 wheeler 50-125cc (2-5 yrs division):
First Place – Kami Etcittty – Montezuma Creek, UT “fireball” 110 slato – 31.56 sec
Second Place – Javy Etcitty – Montezuma Creek, UT “tahoe” 110 slato – 32.28 sec
4 wheeler 80-150cc (8-13 yrs division):
First Place – Lexus Charley – Farmington, NM “lil bug” 80 raptor – 21.39 sec
Dirt Bike 50-100cc division:
First Place – Lymir Benn – Bluff, UT “trophy man” 50 Honda – 25.76 sec
Special Thanks to: Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Council, White Mesa Council Representative Elayne Atcitty, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Royalty, White Mesa Bear Dance Chiefs Ute Mountain Tribe (BIA) Police, Resource Department, Ute Mountain Fire Department, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Security Staff, WCA, Angie Benn for singing the National Anthem, Jocelyn Dutchie, Southern Ute Tribal Council, Kenneth Maryboy, Lyndreth Wall, Roger Atcitty, Kenneth Joe, Annie Cantsee, Shirley Denetsosie, White Mesa Employees, White Mesa Community, Towaoc Tribal members and Navajo Tribe.
Thank you sponsors: Dennison Mines, LJB Services, Resolute Energy, Kayenta Fire Dept, Get-go Signs, J&M Welding, Redd’s True Value, Dollar Smart, Rent-a-Center, Aneth Chapter, Fattboyz Gillin, Valle’s Trading Post, Montella’s Repair, Flower Shop, Blue Mountain Meats, AutoZone, Hunts Trading Post, 4X4 Auto, San Juan Building Supply, Twin Rocks Café, Dineh Designs, Jack Cantsee Sr. and family, and all the event helpers and volunteers.

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