What is in your background, experience and philosophy that will help you succeed as a commissioner?

Willie Grayeyes: Candidate, San Juan County Commission, Dist. 1
My name is Willie Grayeyes from Paiute Mesa, UT, an isolated place of Navajo Mountain Chapter community.  I am a candidate for a Commission seat for San Juan County, UT.  
My platform is to establish a stronger working relationship between governmental entities of San Juan County Commissioner, City government, State of Utah, Utah Navajo Chapters, the Navajo Nation government and the Federal Government programs.  
I believe all these resource agencies have to some degree have some responsibility to address the needs of all people of San Juan County and they need to hear and participate in discussion to give direction to capture the needed resources for growth and development.  
We cannot work in isolation and expect growth; we need to establish direct partnerships with our neighboring governmental agencies.
Secondly, I understand fully well that by law, the property tax of the county is not provision to be spent on the Navajo Nation, but other funding resources, such as the Federal government, are provisional due to inclusion of the Utah Navajo Chapters population that goes into the data and statistics that are used to secure these funding resources.
Lastly, as an introduction, I have the experience with county government by virtue of having served on the Navajo Nation Council for sixteen (16) years. While on the Navajo Nation Council, I served on the following committees: Economic Development, Budget and Finance and Judiciary.  
In addition, at the local level, I have served as the Navajo Mountain Chapter President and Vice-President; been on Naa Tsis Aan Community Grant School Board and Agency Road that works closely with Bureau of Indian Affairs/Division of Transportation.  
I have over 40 years of experiences of working with multi-government agencies and learned how to build bridges of communication and collaboration.

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