Trailer court problems in Mussi

At the October 27 meeting of the San Juan County Commission:

Residents of the Riverview Trailer Court in Montezuma Creek came seeking help to relocate the remaining four trailers in the park. They reported that residents of the trailer park were taken to court by the new owner due to non-payment of rental fees. However the lawsuit was thrown out of court because the trailer park does not have a sanitation permit.

The Aneth Chapter then passed a resolution to close and demolish the park. Residents say that they were not notified of the Aneth Chapter resolution, or that the park was being shut down, until the contractor came to begin demolition. The residents say that electrical service was shut off to the park, but when Rocky Mountain Power came to restore the service, the electric meters were found to be obsolete. The residents state that Rocky Mountain Power was not unaware that people were still living in the park.

All but four residents have moved their trailers to different locations. They state that they are being harassed by the contractor, who has threatened to demolish the homes whether or not they are occupied.

The remaining four residents say they are unable to pay to have their trailers moved and sought funds from the Commission to help them move. The cost is approximately $1,000 per trailer.

Commissioner Lynn Stevens said, “The commission is empathetic to the tenants, however we don’t have any procedure to help financially with relocation.” If the county were to pay the moving costs for the remaining trailers, those who have moved their own trailers would expect reimbursement. Stevens said he does have a problem with how the county citizens have been treated.

Commissioner Kenneth Maryboy advised the residents to meet with the Aneth Chapter to seek help and that he would help in any way he could. He added, however, that the county could not step in and provide funding.

In other business at the meeting, human resource specialist Cyndi Eldridge received approval to hire two new employees and one employee transfer and two building permits were approved in White Mesa.

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