Ah, Spring!

It’s been a long, tough winter for most of us, and we are happy to trade it in for spring.

Here in Bluff, life is busting out all over, with temperatures averaging in the mid-70s and wind rising every afternoon. Tiny buds are becoming blossoms and hope is on the horizon.

The Rose of Sharon bush in the backyard is dropping last year’s dried blossoms and sprouting their welcome replacements.

It will be July before they fully bloom. Swapping the old, dead growth with green sprouts is an encouraging sign.

We are seeing signs of spring all around, and a walk through any canyon reveals trees spreading new leaves in all their glory.

Cottonwood Canyon, just about a half-mile from Twin Rocks, is showing emerging trees, cactus, and other plants that have been hiding all winter just waiting for days like this.

Large flocks of starlings and other birds have begun to swarm in and out of our San Juan River valley town. Now we routinely watch small groups of deer leap the fence as they make their way to the river for water and tender shoots to munch.

The boat ramp at nearby Sand Island is covered with rafts, dories, and canoes of all sizes and descriptions, and the vehicles towing these vessels are filling the Twin Rocks Café parking lot.

We have seen a large upswing in visitors thanks to Spring Break and the Easter holiday. The Snowbirds are heading back north from their Arizona winter hideaways.

It seems lots of folks are eager to get out of the house and head for open spaces.

Color has also returned to our world, and rapidly filling trees are beginning to block our view of Highway 191.

Color is also returning to the trading post as we are welcoming more and more of our artists bringing in their baskets, rugs, and jewelry. It seems that everyone is shaking off the winter doldrums and embracing the happy reality that winter is finally gone.

A new feature has been added to Bluff’s art scene. For six consecutive Friday nights this spring, entertainers have been performing outdoor concerts at local restaurants.

Last night, Kylie Jim, a young Navajo woman, demonstrated her violin mastery in our new Beer Garden located between the trading post and café. Folks brought lawn chairs and set them up in the parking lot to enjoy a soothing, early evening concert.

With more and more people vaccinated, there is growing optimism, and we are especially happy that more than half of our community’s residents have received their full vaccinations.

Yesterday, we saw the first butterfly of the season float across the parking lot, and we have started boiling sugar water to fill the hummingbird feeders. Springtime is officially here.

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