Things to be thankful for


by Gary Torres

Some time back, I asked people things they are thankful for. The list of things is as diverse as those who took the time to tell me or write to me.

People are thankful for the “beautiful fall colors and cooler temperatures”, for “my family and how we get together each Sunday and talk and eat”, for “people that stop and ask how my mother is doing”, and for “friends that always seem to know when to drop in and visit.”

Grandkids are a big favorite. Apparently all grandkids are nearly perfect and the best at whatever they attempt. I wonder if we get wiser with age or if we merely look through lenses of love that are not as critical.

Perhaps it is because of our aged eyes that we don’t see as well and don’t notice all those imperfections that we pointed out as parents. Grandkids are a source of a great deal of happiness, hug yours today.

Where we live is also a big winner of things we are thankful for. Almost everyone who lives here seems to live here because they want to.

The teenagers may swear they “are getting out of here just as soon as they can and never going to return.” We live in a beautiful area that we all treasure and honor. This is truly one of the most wonderful places in the world.

Many express an opinion that government and environmentalists should quit telling us we are terrible stewards of the land, and recognize that we can care for this land as much or better than anyone from back East.

Lots of people are grateful for their health. Many said that they or their loved ones had experienced serious illness and had learned some of life’s most important lessons.

Although none want to go through the suffering again or see someone they love suffer; people learn to have true empathy and love for others who are going through tough times.

It is almost as if they are a better person and seem to have a renewed sense of gratitude.

It is so sad that we can’t keep fresh this sense of gratitude in our life, so that we recognize the flowers blooming, the leaves changing, and the smile of a baby with a sense of awe and respect that God still has hope for us.

One photographer friend, who sees the best in almost everything and knows how to make ordinary objects appear extraordinary, offers this insight as something he is grateful for, “Poor weather forecasting for San Juan County. This results in frequent surprises when I go out in the hills. It makes life even more interesting.”

I guess we should all learn a lesson from that. Don’t cancel plans because the TV says it will be cold. They are wrong more times that not.

There are many things we can be thankful for. Make your list and send it to me at

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