Test scores on rise at Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat Elementary School continues a steady climb in academic achievement in Math, Language Arts, and Science. The number of students achieving Grade Level status in grades 1-6 has increased in all subjects over the past five years, with the exception of a drop in Math Scores in 2008 and Language Arts in 2007.

The process of improving the education of students at Mexican Hat Elementary School has been a focused and labor intensive effort. Support from the Board of Education, especially representative for the area Nelson Yellowman, Superintendent Doug Wright, R.T. Nielson, parents, and members of the communities have aided the efforts of school administration and staff in their quest to improve the education of their students.

Mexican Hat Elementary School has been designated by the state as a school in Program Improvement, which means that the school failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for three years consecutively.

Once a school is so identified it is placed in program improvement; this requires the school to go through an extensive process, which includes a school wide appraisal, formation of an outside consulting team, and an internal school leadership team.

Information from the appraisal along with other data, are all considered as the school forms a School Improvement Plan. This plan is submitted to the board and then the state for approval.

Mexican Hat Elementary School went through this process last year and continues to implement and adjust the plan to meet the needs identified. The principal, Aaron Brewer, has observed great strides by the teachers at Mexican Hat Elementary School in the improvement of instruction, increased dedication and higher expectations.

The school achieved one goal of being removed from program improvement after making AYP. A school is no longer in Program Improvement only after two consecutive years of achieving AYP.

Mexican Hat has implemented a number of innovative and effective programs including a Professional Learning Community (PLC) model. The PLC model allows the administration, faculty, and staff to review student learning through data and other measurements giving them the data needed to determine instructional direction.

Mexican Hat will continue to improve education to sustain growth in student learning. Focus and commitment from all school stake holders will ensure that Mexican Hat continues a climb to success.

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