Students head to Phillips

Audrey Luttrell, a sophomore, and Kayla Atcitty, a freshman at San Juan High School have been admitted into the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, for their summer programs, “Summer Session” and “(MS)2”!
The Phillips Academy is our nation’s oldest private boarding school, established in 1778 to prepare youth for the future.
The Phillips “Summer Session,” which Audrey will be attending, seeks students in grades 9 – 12 who are both highly intelligent and highly moral. Classes are challenging and varied. Scholarships are available and students throughout the world may apply.
The Phillips (MS)2 or ‘Mathematics and Science’ program, which Kayla will be attending, seeks minority high school freshmen. It continues for three years and is all expenses paid. The purpose of (MS)2 is to “better prepare participants for careers in engineering, medicine, computer technology and other science-related fields.”
Audrey lives on the Navajo Reservation south of Bluff. She is a member of the MESA Club, Blue Mountain Native Club and Journalism Club. She also participates in cross-country. Audrey’s career goal is to become an environmental scientist. Her hobbies are reading, running, listening to music, writing and drawing. She is the daughter of Caroline Lameman of Bluff, Utah, and Richard Luttrell Jr., of Pawhuska, OK, who is a member of the Osage tribe.
Audrey states, “I am very proud as a Native American to be representing my tribes at this program! I’m very thankful for the support and help of all my family and friends. I’m really excited to get to experience something now and know it will help me with my future.”
Kayla also lives on the Navajo Reservation in Montezuma Creek. She is a member of the Blue Mountain Native Club and Journalism Club. She participates in track and cross-country, and her hobbies are playing guitar, reading, paint-balling and collecting rocks. Her career goal is to become a surgeon.
Kayla said, “I am looking forward to this experience and am very proud of myself. It took a lot of dedication and hard work! I would definitely recommend this program to incoming freshmen. I am very excited, and I know this program will absolutely help prepare me for my future career goal!”
Kayla is the daughter of Leron and Jenny Atcitty.

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