Wrestling Champs / Runners-Up

Wrestling Champs / Runners-Up

Three San Juan County wrestlers won individual state championships this season and three captured runner-up finishes at their respective state wrestling tournaments in February.
We are excited to profile those student athletes featuring photos along with comments from their respective coaches.

Javlin Robison
Monticello Junior – State Champion at 138 lbs, 39-6 Record
Head Coach Kent Adair: “Javlin is a great athlete. He is a fierce competitor who hates to lose at anything. He really cranked it up this season and took his wrestling to a whole new level. He became extremely hard to take down, which made him very difficult to beat. He led the team in six major stat categories this year. Javlin is a very hard worker with a huge motor. He allowed zero points to be scored against him at the state tournament, which resulted in him becoming a state champion. We are excited to have him back next year.”

Treydon Harris
Monticello Junior – State Champion at 106 lbs, 27-11 Record
Head Coach Kent Adair: “Treydon finally grew into a weight class after weighing 80+ pounds in the ninth grade. He was very focused toward the end of the season, as he had to work really hard to keep his weight down (which was something he hadn't had to do before). Treydon really improved his technique down the stretch and he wrestled a flawless match in the state finals to become a state champion. We are excited to have him back next year.”

Callen Burke
San Juan Junior – State Champion at 215 lbs, 20-4 Record
Assistant Coach Shane Musselman: “When Callen (Tyrone) was a freshman he challenged Coach Steve Simpson to a match. He lost that match 50-0 in what became known as the annual Coach/Callen Challenge. This year Coach Simpson thinks he won but I’m not too sure that not being able to move for three days is considered a win. I’m putting my money on Tyrone next year.
“Callen broke his hand in the football state championship game and he still never missed a practice or a workout, doing all he could with a cast on. This is the type of attitude it takes to be a State Champion. It’s more than just skill and hard work; it’s also a desire to be the best you can be regardless of your situation. Tyrone is that kid!
“He has great balance and hips that helped him on his journey but Tyrone’s power was his biggest attribute. I watched Callen look up at the state championship board in the practice room all the time. Callen is quiet and never expressed to me the desire to take state but you could see his goal in his actions. Now when he looks at that board his name will be on it, hopefully twice. You did it Tyrone. well done!”

Zac Thayn
Monticello Sophomore – State Runner-up at 126 lbs, 21-14 Record
Head Coach Kent Adair: “Zac is a fun-loving kid who gets along with most people. He had to work really hard to get down to 126 pounds and stay there this season. Zac finally gained some confidence toward the end of the season to go with his ability. He decided at divisionals that he could compete. Zac wrestled great at the state tournament. He worked incredibly hard in the finals and made the eventual state champion wrestle the whole match (the first time he had to wrestle a whole match in five weeks). We are excited to have him back for the next two years.

Taylor Black
San Juan Sophomore – State Runner-up at 285 lbs, 33-12 Record
Assistant Coach Shane Musselman: “Taylor was a solid part of our team all year. He is very durable for a big guy not missing any tournaments or duals all year. He also was always academically eligible, always present at practice, and a team leader. All these attributes make coaches happy.
“Taylor was light for the 285-pound weight class – about 55 to 60 pounds light! So when I say he was durable I wasn’t kidding. Yummy (his nickname) was not only a great wrestler but a great kid. He was fun to coach and made coaching easy.
“He has a ton of natural talent and has been wrestling for a long time. Yummy still has two years of wrestling in high school and I hope to be with him mat-side as he brings home a gold medal or two!
An additional note from Coach Musselman: “Until Callen Burke’s state championship this season, the last San Juan wrestling state champ was Oliver Parker in 2009. Only one Bronco wrestler made the finals from that time until this season: Grange Simpson took second in 2017.
“San Juan wrestling is not only proud to put two in the finals this year but to also have five other wrestlers place and two wrestlers gain Academic All-State. We were excited to have a state champ in Callen Burke and a runner-up in Taylor Black, but I’m even more excited for the future of San Juan Wrestling.”

Marcus Denny
Whitehorse Junior - State Runner-up at 215 lbs, 16-5 Record
Head Coach Dylan Lansing: “Marcus Denny is a kid who always seems to break barriers. This year he was a runner-up at the 1A state wrestling tournament and he also took third place at the 2020 state tournament. He was unable to compete in 2021 due to COVID restrictions with the Navajo Nation, but he never lost his edge and his desire for the sport.
“Throughout the season he became a great scholar-athlete role model for the up-and-coming athletes. There wasn’t a practice he missed and a day he regretted not giving his best in practice and in the classroom wrestling with a 3.5 GPA. After his defeat at state, he continued on with a smile knowing he gave it all he had and that he left it all on the mat.
“Marcus is destined for greatness and there’s no telling what his future holds. With his determination, dedication, focus, and commitment I believe there’s nothing this kid can’t do, and I strongly believe he’s more determined than ever.
“I am proud to have coached such a fine young athlete and I can’t wait to see what he unfolds for Whitehorse to remember. Mr. Denny is an icon in the making and a great example of what this sport is built on.”

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