Three Bronco wrestlers finish one, two, three at state

Callen Burke
San Juan senior
2A wrestling State Champion
33 wins 0 losses

Head Coach Steve Simpson: “As a returning state champion, there was a great deal of pressure for Callen to repeat the success of his prior season. Callen stood up to the competition with an amazing amount of quiet confidence and unmatched skill. I can’t express how proud I am of this shy and unassuming young man. He certainly showed us all how to pursue our goals and be a great sportsman along the way. Coach Musselman and I have enjoyed having him on the team and will miss Callen as he moves on to the next phase of his life, which we know will be equally successful.”

Chad Yellow
San Juan Sophomore
2A wrestling runner up
25 wins 5 losses

Head Coach Steve Simpson: “Oh my, how to explain Chad? Early on I realized I just had to stand back and let Chad wrestle his own style. He is like the Rubber-band Man. Just when you think all is lost, he wiggles out and scores on his opponent. Traditional techniques do not apply to Chad. On the second day of the state championships, Chad came to Coach Musselman and me and said he was 2/10s of a pound overweight. Since the officials were about to call the weigh-ins, we were in a panic. “Chad quickly agreed to a haircut and Coach Musselman found scissors. We finished the cut just in time and Chad was right on the money when he stepped on the scales, with not an ounce to spare. I am sure his family was shocked when they noticed what we had done. It all ended well, however, because Chad wrestled his way into the championship. We are assuming Chad will be on top of the podium next year.”

Deklan Helquist
San Juan Junior
2A wrestling third place
21 wins 5 losses

Head Coach Steve Simpson: “Deklan is another wrestler with a unique style, and it is impossible to predict what will happen when he steps on the mat. He is so strong and so flexible you never know what will happen during his matches. As with Chad, when you think trouble is afoot, Deklan will wind up pinning his opponent. He is exciting to watch and enjoyable to coach. We are looking for big things from Deklan next year and are sure he will not disappoint us or his loyal fans.

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