All-state basketball honors for Whitehorse senior Daan Filfred

In our list of the Utah 1A All-state basketball players from San Juan County in the April 8 issue of the San Juan Record, we regretfully omitted Whitehorse senior Daan Filfred. This week we’ll give her the credit she is due.
The Deseret News named Filfred to the 1A Girls Third Team on March 25 based on coaches’ votes statewide.

Girls 1A Third Team
Daan Filfred
Whitehorse 5-7 Senior Forward – 17.1 points per game, 9.1 rebounds per game, 3.2 assists per game, 1.7 steals per game
Lady Raider Head Coach Tiona Grant said, “Daan was the most versatile player on our team. She had to play tough both defensively and offensively.
“On defense, she disrupted our opponents because she was the voice on the team. She had to be loud enough to see everything on the court and to be the prime communicator with her teammates.
“Offensively, Daan played a position similar to shooting guard where she could shoot consistently from the outside, score inside, and also penetrate and create for her teammates.
“She would often score off offensive rebounds or by receiving short passes when a guard would penetrate and their defender was forced to provide help on defense. She had a variety of moves from the low post area that would help her elude defenders.
“Daan was the captain of the team and I would lean on her to help talk with the team about what needed to be done on the court.
“She had the leadership skills I expected from her from the start of the season, though she had to come out of a shell of shyness and had to be the vocal person on the team.
“Her teammates listened to her, and her silliness along with her sister or her teammates would make everyone realize that playing basketball helps cope with what they were enduring outside the gym.
“Daan is also academically accomplished, appearing on the honor roll every quarter. She had a great senior basketball season and an excellent career at Whitehorse High School.
“She has a lot more to accomplish in life and her athletic career and academic background will take her to the next level. Our team will definitely miss her on and off the court.”

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