San Juan Record redesign culminates months of effort

We are excited and a little exhausted to know that you finally have a copy of our newly redesigned newspaper in your hands (or on your computer screen). Until this issue of the newspaper, the San Juan Record has been printed in tabloid format for more than 40 years.

Beginning this week, the five column by 16 inch pages are being replaced by a full broadsheet (six columns by 20 inch). It will be the same size as daily newspapers and most weekly newspapers.

In fact, the new San Juan Record will be the exact size as the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News because it will be printed on the same press as the Salt Lake City dailies.

The paper will continue to be printed on high-quality hi-brite paper. Most newspapers are printed on cheaper (and messier) newsprint. Hi-brite resists yellowing and holds color extremely well.

Holding color is important since there will be full color available on every page of the paper. After many years of no color and several years of occasional color, the San Juan Record will now be printed in full color every week.

While there are many changes in the look of the paper, there are no changes in our news stand, subscription or advertising rates.

It may take awhile to adjust to the new size and format of the paper. Please be patient with us. Give us a call if you have any constructive criticism or good ideas. We want to make this move advantageous to our readers and our advertisers.

The redesign is the culmination of 18 months of hard work that has quietly changed how we do business. The San Juan Record website,, averages more than 10,000 hits per month. The website allows us to provide expanded coverage of many important issues and free coverage of main stories.

The addition of Scott Burton as the San Juan Record sales manager helps us better meet the needs of local businesses.

In addition to the changes in the newspaper, with the opening of our bookstore, the San Juan Record is now the largest bookstore in San Juan County. We hope to significantly expand our inventory of regional and general books in 2008.

We appreciate your support and look forward to a bigger, brighter and more colorful 2009.

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