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How many masked facades do we play on each day of our lives? What is the real origin of anyone’s success and talent? What dirty secrets do we hold in our past that would taint our perfect images?

Oscar Wilde believed that no man would ever be rich enough to buy back his past. This idea has been translated into his satirical play, “An Ideal Husband,” which involves themes of the ideal marriage, the ideal woman, and aestheticism and the art of Victorian life.

Set during the 1895, an era in which wealth and social status ruled all. Various characters epitomize citizens of the time.

Lord Goring, (Dallas Hall) is the perfect dandy bachelor. His object of wooing is Mabel Chiltern, (Mckenzie Adams) the ideal single woman.

Lord Chaversam, (Daniel Noriot) is the perfect grumpy old man, and Lady Markby (Jessica Bradford) is the best gossip.

The ideal man, Robert Chiltern (Ryan Turk) has married his ideal wife, Gertrude Chiltern (Jeannie Kirk) and they live the ideal life. However, their perfection does not last forever.

The lamia-like antagonist, Laura Cheveley (Kelly Davis) has proof that Robert Chiltern sold a government secret and blackmails Robert. The price of returning the letter is that Robert must vote and support a corrupt government bill.

Robert denies her request so Mrs. Cheveley goes on a rampage, and through her masked charm tells Gertrude of her husband’s past. Thus, ruining the ideal image that Gertrude believed she had achieved.

This farcical depiction of social ideals is still obvious in society today.

To discover the mystery of the ending you are invited to watch the San Juan High School Drama Departments Fall Production of, Oscar Wilde’s: An Ideal Husband, November 21-22 and 24-25 at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium Theatre.

For ticket information and reservations call the box office at 678-1387.

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