Winter storms result in highest ever snow pack for the State of Utah

The remarkable Winter of 2023 has resulted in a record-breaking snow pack for the entire State of Utah, with Southeastern Utah leading the way.
As of March 24, Utah’s statewide snow water equivalent measured at the Snotel weather stations reached an average of 26.1 inches, which breaks the record of 26.0” from 1983.
This is officially the most snow in Utah since 1980, which was the beginning of the Snotel era. If you compare with earlier snow course data (which were manual measurements going back to the 1930s), it appears that this year has the largest snowpack since 1952. And it’s still snowing!!
The snow pack for the eleven Snotel stations in Southeastern Utah is currently 270 percent of normal.
On March 28, the Camp Jackson Snotel station holds 31.9 inches of water and is 287 percent of normal.
Similarly, the La Sal Mountain Snotel station currently holds 24.4 inches of water. This is the highest total ever recorded on March 28 at the La Sal station, in records going back to 1980.
Area reservoirs are expected to fill when the mountain snowpack starts to melt, with Lake Powell expected to raise by up to 65 feet.
Monticello has received measurable precipitation for 15 days in March, with three more days remaining.

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