New San Juan County Commission starts year with training, assignments

by David Boyle
News Director
The San Juan County Commission welcomed new members and received training at ther first meeting of 2023.
Ahead of their January 3 meeting, two new members of the San Juan County Commission were sworn-in.
Both commissioner Jamie Harvey and Silvia Stubbs were administered the oath of office at a brief ceremony at the meeting.
Additionally County Clerk/Auditor Lyman Duncan, County Sheriff Lehi Lacy and County Attorney Brittney Ivins were all administered the oath of office.
Following the ceremony, members of the commission began their first meeting of the year. During that meeting Commissioner Bruce Adams offered congratulations to the newly minted officials.
“It’s an exciting time for San Juan County to have these newly elected officials and we intend to do the business of the people.”
Adams chaired the meeting, with Stubbs selected as vice chair for the commission.
During the meeting, members of the commission received an annual training from Johnnie Miller, executive director of the Utah Counties Indemnity Pool (UCIP).
Adams explained that UCIP was created in the 1990s to replace the loss of liability insurance for jails and police officers for some utah counties.
Adams is president of the UCIP board. Miller explained that since that ’90s, the board has expanded and provides all coverage for San Juan County.
“When the buildings burn, we reimburse the county for the cost to rebuild the buildings. When the vehicles get smashed, we pay for all the repairs. When you get sued, we hire an attorney that’s an expert in the area that you’re being sued for to assist the county attorney in defending that claim.”
Miller explained the organization lowered rates paid in the ’90s and strives to provide the coverage counties need at a break-even rate.
Miller outlined training for the commissioners, including keeping the Utah oath of public office and following Utah statutes of accountability.
Other trainings included following the Utah open and public meetings act, understanding government records access and management act, following official and employee disclosure acts, prohibiting employment of family members and offenses against the administration of government.
After getting up to speed, members of the commission made assignments to represent the county on a variety of county, regional and even national boards.
Stubbs accepted roles on the county economic development, transportation, homelessness, and library boards and the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition Board.
Adams will continue to serve on the Community Impact Board, Utah Association of Counties, Southeast Utah Association of Local Governments, and UCIP.
Harvey accepted roles on the Public Health, San Juan Counseling, and Criminial Justice boards, as well as the Regional broadband committee and as the designated liaison for the county to Navajo tribal entities.
At the meeting, members of the commission approved an annual beer license application for Sunrise Trading and Shirttail C Store, as well as an annual liquor license for Valle’s Trading post.

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