Date set for Willie Grayeyes, Kelly Laws hearing in Seventh District Court

by Ryan Collins
A date has been set for the much-anticipated hearing in the Seventh District Court in Monticello for Jan. 22, at 9 a.m., according to court documents filed on Jan. 10. Judge Don M. Torgerson will hear the case between Commissioner Grayeyes and his Republican opponent Kelly Laws, whom he defeated in the November 2018 election, 900-805. Laws filed suit on Dec. 28, 2018, contesting Grayeyes victory and challenging his Utah residency.
The amended subpoena decus tecum, filed on Jan. 10, orders Grayeyes to the courthouse for
testimony at a trial or hearing to produce the following documents or tangible things:
A: A copy of Grayeyes federal tax returns for the years 2015-2018.
B: A copy of Grayeyes Utah tax returns for the years 2015-2018.
C: A copy of Grayeyes Arizona tax returns for 2015-2018.
D: A copy of Grayeyes title and registration for any vehicles he owns.
E: A copy of the title and registration for any vehicles he has owned within the past five years, to the extent that such documents are in his possession, custody, or control.
F: Copies of any and all documents showing ownership of any property interests, or real property or land in Utah, Arizona, or anywhere in the Navajo Nation, including, without limitation, deeds leases, Homesite Leases, or allotments.
G: A copy of his current driver's license; as well as any other identification cards in his possession, custody or control, regardless of whether they are valid or expired, including, without limitation, state identification cards and tribal identification cards.
The documents also state that, “given the expedited nature of this proceeding, the minimum 14-day period for the production of documents does not apply.”
A copy of the court documents has been attached to the article.

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