Clerk/Auditor Candidate: Garrett Thomas Holly

My name is Garrett Thomas Holly, and I am running to be your County Clerk and Auditor because San Juan County residents deserve someone with experience, values, and ethical standards to do this job right.
I was born in Shiprock and I live in Montezuma Creek, in the Navajo Nation. I attended Aneth Community School as a child.
My family moved to Salt Lake City searching for employment. I attended West High School, and after spending ten years in Salt Lake City, I studied Health Informaon Technology at the College of Eastern Utah in Blanding.
I became a Certified Professional Coder with the American Academy of Professional Coders, then secured two additional Cerfications as a Certified Professional Coder Instructor and Certified Professional Practice Manager.
My career experience includes 20 years of working with non-profit healthcare organizations and for-profit companies. I’ve worked as a Certified Medical Coder, Account Receivables Manager, Business Office Manager, and eventually Business Office Director, plus a member of the Administration group of Utah Navajo Health System, Inc.
With a long work history in healthcare, revenue generaon, management, and administration, I have learned how to pay attention to financial details, financial audits, creating budgets, and following Federal, State, and County laws and regulations. Plus, I can work with others to achieve a common purpose.
My heritage and traditions are part of my values and culture - a part of being Navajo/Diné. My beliefs and values are graciousness, self-belief, self-identity, and self-respect, along with peace and harmony of mind. I was taught to honor, respect, and thank Earth, Nature, and the Universe.
Growing up in San Juan County, my family would travel to Monticello for weekend shopping. As a result, I understand the value of hiring local residents and supporting local businesses to strengthen growth within our county.
I am a proud resident of San Juan County and Southeastern Utah. I’m proud of our renowned natural terrain, and proud of the people in our community.
I have also lived and traveled outside San Juan County; throughout Utah, across our nation, and to other countries, where I have met extraordinary people who
have shaped my values of integrity, courage, and impartiality. My journey has made me the person I am today.
As Clerk, I will ensure every citizen in our community has the right to vote, that their vote counts, and that voting is accessible - both by mail and in person. I will ensure our elections are secure and I will work tirelessly to restore voters’ trust in the democratic process of free and fair elections.
As Auditor, I will be an independent voice to ensure our county’s finances are accurate and are within departmental budgets, that local residents are hired for San Juan County jobs, and I will be 100 percent focused on the job the voters entrust me with on their behalf.
I hope I can earn your vote on November 8th. If you have any questions, please call or text me at 435-205-0022.
Thank you,
Garrett Thomas Holly, candidate for County Clerk & Auditor

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