San Juan County Fair results and photos

Mini Livestock
Adam Bunker, Grand Champion
Gage Wilcox, 1st Reserve
Elise Thayn, 2nd Reserve

Quay Walker, Grand Champion
Brittany Grover, 1st Reserve
Kash Shumway, 2nd Reserve

Jr Livestock
Rhett Adair, Grand Champion
Ashley Adair, 1st Reserve
Alyssa Reeve, 2nd Reserve
Scott Reeve, Senior Showmanship
Rhett Adair, 1st Reserve
Emily Hanson, 2nd Reserve
Cordell Walker, Jr. Showmanship
Sheldon Lewis, 1st Reserve
McKinsey Brewer, 2nd Reserve
Camryn Redd, Rate of Gain

Jens Grover, Grand Champion
McKinsey Brewer, 1st Reserve
Jesse Grover, 2nd Reserve
Michael Flavel, Senior Showmanship
Felicia Flavel, 1st Reserve
Natalie Flavel, 2nd Reserve
Carsyn Endres, Jr. Showmanship
Jens Grover, 1st Reserve Showman
Kelsey Flavel, 2nd Reserve Showman
Natalie Flavel, Rate of Gain

Mya Walker, Grand Champion
Johnathon Redd, 1st Reserve
Kyson Shumway, 2nd Reserve
Tel Walker, Sr. Showmanship
Kyson Shumway, 1st Reserve
Amy Reeve, 2nd Reserve
Mya Walker, Jr. Showmanship
Jens Grover, 1st Reserve
Abbi Nielson, 2nd Reserve
Kellie Palmer, Rate of Gain

Amy Reeve, Grand champion
Scott Reeve, 1st Reserve
Tel Walker, 2nd Reserve
Janessa Bowring, Sr. Showmanship
Scott Reeve, 1st Reserve
Amy Reeve, 2nd Reserve
Cora Johnston, Jr. Showmanship
Justin Johnston, 1st Reserve
Krista Grover, 2nd Reserve
Jerod Hanson, Rate of Gain
Scott Reeve, Scholarship Winner

Student Judging, Senior:
Scott Reeve, 1st
Michael Flavel, 2nd
Kyson Shumway, 3rd

Student Judging, Junior:
Chase Richmond, 1st
Ridge Holt, 2nd
Justin Redd, 3rd

Student Judging, Adult:
Thayne Holt, 1st
Susan Flavel, 2nd
David A. Redd, 3rd

Herdsman Awards:
Jens and McKady Grover, Goat
Sheldon and LaShay Lewis, Lamb
Mikel and Sierra Monson, Hog
Emily and Jerod Hanson, Steer

Senior Record Book:
Rhett Adair, 1st
Jesse Grover, 2nd
Jade Grover and Michael Flavel, 3rd

Junior Record Book:
Jens Grover, 1st
McKady Grover, 2nd
Natalie Flavel, 3rd

Local Rodeo
The Fullmer Team, 1st
Oscar Alvarez, Melissa Fullmer, Shelby Fullmer, Wyatt Fullmer, Quincy Fullmer and Lucio Regalado

BJ’s Boys-The Crew, 2nd
BJ Grover, Justin Ivins, Shawn Ivins, Trevor Palmer

The Ivins Bunch,3rd
David Ivins, Shawn Ivins, Justin Ivins, Jesse Ivins, Dillon Ivins

Mud Volleyball Tournament
Pete Anderson, Krieg Adair, Mindy Saunders, Deseree Wright, Logan Monson, Katie Andrews, Tina Ward

MUDD, 2nd
Janessa Bowring, Berlin Eldredge, Trey Esplin, Stevee Wilcox, Jessica Johnson, Swayzi Slade

Ivan Rodriquez, Reed Steele, Trevor St.Clair, Rhett Adair, Aaron Butler, Jose Rodriquez

Kylee Fullmer, Apree Sheeran, Easton Bowring, Carlie Whipple, Shania Deanda, Jordan Whipple

Farm Bureau Talent Find
Avery Young, 1st
Jennette Halls, 2nd

Zoie Chamberlain and Spencer Mitchell, 1st
Tallie Chamberlain and Aaron Mitchell, 2nd
Connor Christensen, 3rd

Brielle Francom, 1st
Shaeli Black, Brielle Francom & Rachel Wick, 2nd
Jerod Hanson, 3rd

Jeannie Kirk and Tyler Hawks, 1st

Little Miss Wrangler, Avery Young
Little Mr Wrangler, Braxton Jones

Best of Show
Jordan Pipkin, Scrapbooking
Diana Helquist, Scrapbooking
George Rice Sr., Onions
Lewis Farms, Wheat
Brittain Bowring, Children & Youth
Shane Deeter, Saddle
Nikki Pettitt, Leather Burning
Stephanie Chapman, Apple Pie
Vee Carroll, Yellow Dahlia
Gary Guymon, Oil Painting
Andrew Warren, Painting
Oaine Foy, Cross Stitched Quilt
Pete Steele, Arrowheads
Kay Shumway, Photography
Merry Palmer, Photography
Loren Randall, Chicken
Nash Freestone, Goose
Yadhira Rice, Canned Pears
Robin Garner Quilt
Marie Wiggington, Crocheted Tablecloth

Judges Choice
LaRae Fullmer, Corn
George Rice, Sr., Cabbage
Shaylee Bradford, Children and Youth
Scott Mitchell, Creative Arts
Rhett Maughan, Log Post Bed
Deanne Randall, Buns
Idonna Cook, Pink Gladiola
Gary Guymon, Oil Painting
Scott Mitchell, Fine Arts
Kelly Pugh, Fine Arts
Vicenta Torres, Breaded Doiley
LaRaine Redd, Oil Painting
Stacilou Hoggard, Photography
Kay Shumway, Photography
Nolan Freestone, Goose
Nash Freestone, Chicken
Dorothy Leavitt, Apricot Jelly
Robin Garner, Quilt
Larraine Redd, Pillow
Shelbie Musselman, Scrapbooking
Marcie Musselman, Scrapbooking

Peoples Choice Awards:
Nikki Pettit, Leather Burning
Samantha Giddings, Ribbon Cake

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