When you’re on your own, we are there with you

The pandemic triggered by the COVID-19 virus is changing our lives in significant ways, even in our beautiful corner of the globe.
The San Juan Record is committed to helping you as we deal with these unprecedented changes. Whatever happens, whenever it happens, we will be there.
Without missing a week in more than 105 years, the San Juan Record has chronicled the news through thick and thin, good and bad, success and failure.
Moving ahead, we will let you know how our community is managing the crisis — from business to government, to the health care system and schools, and to the drastic impact on individuals and families.
And  we’ll be there to let you know about the good and extraordinary things happening in the midst of this crisis.
We hope to provide uplifting moments to remind us of the inherent goodness of our friends and neighbors.
The volume of news that we need to cover is growing even as the size of the weekly paper shrinks due to lost advertising. We are doing our best to get the word out and a website is an effective way to do that.

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