San Juan County Commission brief

At the November 3 meeting of the San Juan County Commission:

• Commissioner Bruce Adams was selected to represent the County at the annual membership meeting of the Utah County Insurance Pool. Cyndi Eldredge is an alternate.

• Earl Lee reported on the Utah Navajo Fair to the commission, as well as plans to secure a carnival for the fair in the future. Commissioner Lynn Stevens had some concern over the $7,000 deposit required by the carnival operator to bring a carnival, saying “they need to take their own risk as a business going out on a business venture.” County Economic Development Coordinator Charlie DeLorme said it is common for vendors to require a deposit with a new location. The commission praised Lee for quality of the fair, and moved to accept his report.

• R.D. Carroll presented a plan to dedicate a road located in a Spanish Valley subdivision to San Juan County. The county would then have the responsibility to maintain the 800-foot section of road. Currently the road base does not meet county specifications. The commission recommended that Carroll meet with Assistant County Attorney Walter Bird to come up with a resolution.

• Rowland Francom discussed a proposition to replace the book mobile with satellite libraries. Francom said this would have a big impact on the southern part of the County. Francom asked the commission to attend a November 7 meeting to discuss the issue. It begins at 7 p.m. at the Blanding Library.

• The commission approved a building permit at Shirtail Corner, as well as $500,000 for consulting services for a water study.

• In other business, Rick Bailey reported that the new Clean drinking water act will require Mexican Hat to improve its water system at an estimated cost of $60,000 to $80,000, most of which would come from grants.

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