Robert Ogle

I have two primary objectives serving a second term on City Council in Blanding.
1. Improve responsible spending in the budget: I will review every dollar spent in the budget.
There are absolutely cuts in spending that can be made and reductions in expenses to be discovered.
This will enable the City to take budgeted dollars saved and reallocate those dollars to important underfunded existing projects or completely new projects that are not currently being addressed.
We can do this without increasing overall budget dollars.
2. Blanding needs a realistic economic development plan now. We need to be in control of our own future growth.
We need to make decisions that will build a community to the standards and values Blanding chooses at a pace of growth Blanding can manage.
I am the only member of City Council to present a solid, viable economic development plan for our future.
I have twenty two years experience in corporate economic development with a bright vision of what we can become and a clear path of how to get there.

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