Robert Ogle

Robert Ogle is a native New Yorker who has made his home in Blanding for the past six years.
After attending BYU, he worked as an executive in the retail profession for 22 years, living and working in 14 different states.
He currently works at Clark’s Market and Lyman’s Verizon Wireless, in addition to contributing to the Blue Mountain Panorama and teaching in the “Skills for Success” seminar series.
Ogle states that through his employment he visits with hundreds of citizens each week and feels a common concern is the need to cut expenditures in household budgets. Ogle sees this as a need not only for citizens, but for the City of Blanding as well.
Ogle believes there is a need to prepare Blanding for future financial challenges by cutting back on continually growing operations costs. Ogle feels budget cuts are necessary in order to protect the citizens of Blanding from increased fees and taxes in the future.
Identifying, minimizing or eliminating non-essential city services should be a focus of the Blanding City Council according to Ogle in order to support things that are essential for the community.
“My commitment is to evaluate every dollar spent by the City of Blanding,” promises Ogle. 

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