Quality Manufacturing, Inc.

The Business Spotlight is on Quality Manufacturing, Inc, owned and operated by Sonny and Helen Felkins of Monticello.
The saddle tree and saddle are two distinct pieces. Without a saddle tree, a saddle is not functional.
Helen and Sonny know that each saddle tree should be as unique as its horse and rider. That’s why the process begins with a round of questions. Helen makes sure she knows as much about the rider and their horse as is possible.
From there, the manufacturing begins. But, it’s really more like art. From start to finish, the process takes as much as 12 days to create one saddle tree. Each saddle tree produced by Quality Manufacturing is handmade by the best workers in the US, because a saddle tree has to be exact.
For 30 years, Helen and Sonny have been perfecting the art of custom made saddle trees for people from all walks of life around the country and the world. One of their most famous clients is Tom Selleck. And Quality Manufacturing has invented a saddle tree for use by adults and children who are paralyzed from the waist down.
Spread the word to all your friends that Quality Manufacturing, one of the most prestigious makers of custom saddle trees in the world, is located right here in Monticello. You can call Helen and Sonny at 435-587-5070.

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