Pottery returns to Edge of the Cedars pueblo

The Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum’s “New to the Edge” exhibit features several new pottery vessels, including two that apparently hail from the Edge of the Cedars Pueblo itself.

A recent donor, a local youth in the early 1960s, returned two vessels that were recovered from the site years prior to the location’s purchase for a museum (the site became a state park in 1974).

The two vessels were contemporaneous with the great house pueblo, which was likely established in the late AD 1000s.

One vessel is a Dolores Corrugated jar, probably a cooking vessel for an individual or small family. The second piece of pottery, a Mancos Black-on-white bowl, features bold open circles against a black background.

Another small Dolores Corrugated jar is also displayed. This particular vessel, still containing corn cobs and earth, was found a dozen miles west of Blanding on Little Baullie Mesa (land administered by the BLM).

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