BLM welcomes 2024 Canyon Country District Artists in Residence to the Bears Ears NM

The Bureau of Land Management is pleased announce our fall and spring artists in residence in Bears Ears National Monument. 
The BLM Monticello Field Office will be hosting Shelley Hull this fall and Leslie Ann Hauer in the spring. Each artist brings unique perspective and artistic style to their work.
This residency is sponsored by the Canyonlands Natural History Association and the Bureau of Land Management.  
“I’m excited to return to this area, which has inspired my work and have time to explore more. Hiking, sketching and then painting from a place has become my process,” said Canyon Country Artist-in-Residence Shelley Hull. 
“The Monticello Field Office has a varied and unique landscape,” said BLM Monticello Field Manager Jacob Palma. “We are excited to work with both artists and believe the work during this residency will help promote stewardship, understanding and love of the Bears Ears region.” 
“It is our pleasure to continue this partnership,” said Canyonlands Natural History Association Operations Manager. “Our mission is to support the educational efforts of our federal partners in southeastern Utah and this program is an exciting way to do that work.”   
Hull’s residency will last until Oct. 11 and include a public presentation announced at a later date.
Canyonlands Natural History Association and the BLM encourage you to attend and learn about Hull’s work and her experience on public lands.
To learn more about this program and future presentation, visit the BLM Canyon Country Facebook Page
Hull is interested in the landscape, in the rock art, ruins, and sacred places of the early Puebloan culture.
With a residency, she will continue exploring these amazing landscapes, painting them, and learning about the history of the region.
She hopes her paintings will spread the sense of awe she feels when exploring and painting Canyon Country.
She wishes to encourage viewers to support protecting the Bear Ears region from pillage, desecration, or ruin. 
Hauer is drawn to the abstract qualities within the reality of the landscape, the light and shadow, shape and color.
Hauer finds joy in trying to capture the moment in time while painting en plein air.
She feels “called” to some scenes within the landscape, and those images often involve details like rocks or flowers, the “little picture” within the broad, sometimes overwhelming, Western landscape. 
By making paintings that show the reality of the landscape, she is looking forward to sharing that landscape with those who may not have the ability or opportunity to spend time in these unique places.
More details about Hauer’s residence will be shared in the spring.  
Additional photos of both artists’ work can be found on the BLM Utah Flickr website.
This is the second year that the BLM Canyon Country District has partnered with the Canyonlands Natural History Association to host artists in residence.

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