Thomas Black

December 2, 2011
Thomas Black passed away at Four Corners Regional Care Center on December 2, 2011.
Tom was born on September 23, 1982 at Summit Point, UT, a son of James Burgess Parker Black and Mildred Pearl Lancaster Black.
Tom served in the US Army from 1950-1952. He later met and married the love of his life, Hilda Black and her three wonderful children, on November 15 1954 in Aztec, NM.
The family moved to Monticello, UT in 1961, where they had a daughter together. In 1995, his love Hilda passed away.
Tom remained a Monticello resident, as that was his home and he loved the community very much.
Tom was a very hard worker. He worked at various jobs over the years, but no matter what he always had a job in order to support his family.
After he retired, he got “bored” and went to work as a custodian at Monticello High School.
Later, he went to work at the Monticello Visitor Center. He loved this job as he met lots of different people and got to tell them about the beautiful area surrounding his home.
Grandpa loved the outdoors. He was the most happy when he was walking. You could spot him all over town just taking a stroll.
He did lots of woodwork. He loved to make neat things and give them away to family and friends. We will always cherish these items.
Grandpa could usually be found snacking or napping in his favorite chair or as he would say “I’m resting my eyes watching TV” (with the TV so loud you could here it down the block).
His greatest joy in life was being around his family. He is survived by his children Walter, Rose (Manuel) and Mark (Fawn), 19 grand children, 39 great grand children, and 10 great great grand children (maybe even more).
He is proceeded in death by his parents James and Mildred, his beloved wife Hilda, daughter Elizabeth Jane, sisters Vivian, Vera, and Maxine, brothers James and Robert, and granddaughter Kelli Ann.
A graveside service was held on December 6 at the Monticello Cemetery.
Card of thanks
The Family would like to express a heartfelt thank you to the Monticello Second Ward Relief Society for making the luncheon for the family and friends who attended the services; to the Armed services who provided grandpa with a proper military farewell; and to the many friends and family who offered their love and support throughout his life.
A huge thanks to Dr Jones, to the Blue Mountain Hospital staff, and to the Four Corners Regional Care Center staff for the hard work, love and care they showed Grandpa during these last several months.
Last but not least, thank you to Danny Palmer at San Juan Mortuary for his kindness, help and most of all for making our beloved grandfather look so peaceful.
Tom Black family

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