Teresa Ann Redd

July 8, 1965 ~ November 29, 2018
Teresa Ann Laughter Redd passed away peacefully in her sleep on Nov. 29, 2018. Teresa was born July 8, 1965 in Tuba City, AZ, born to Rex Laughter and Mary Kate John.
When a tiny baby, she was taken in by Gordon and Margaret Redd to begin her new life. She had a lot of medical problems, many of which were due to handicaps from birth.
She brought joy to her new family with her smile and loving nature. It was hard for her to do the things that most kids could do. After many trips to the doctor in Tuba City, it was left up to her mom, Margaret, to see her progress.
She attended Special Education at Blanding Elementary School. She loved her teachers and friends she made there.
She liked to go to primary and Sunday School and later on loved to go to mutual, forming lifelong friendships.
She then went to work with the RISE Program and worked at Cedar Mesa Pottery, packing pottery. She also helped at Four Corners Care Center in the laundry deptartment. She was a hard worker with good work ethics and was able to do things on her own.
She then got to go to Transitions. She loved to go there and read, play games, and interact with the kids at Transitions. She loved the people there.
While at Transitions, she went to work with her family at Redd’s Foodtown in the non-foods section stocking shelves. She was very good at her job. She loved seeing people, giving them five and thumbs up.
She then moved stores and started greeting people at Redd’s True Value in the mornings and going to Transitions in the afternoon with her friends.
Later on she went to live with the Forrest Crofts family, continuing to enjoy many things in life. She liked to get her nails done and look pretty.
After an accident, she moved to Four Corners Care Center and made many new friends. She will always be remembered for her ability to remember people and their names.
She loved Diet Coke, Cheetos, Pringles, chips, hamburgers, and fries with fry sauce. She liked to bowl and have parties.
She loved both of her families and was excited to have visitors. She always wanted to include everyone and didn’t want to be left out.
She liked to watch The Brady Bunch, Home Alone, and Curious George.
The world lost a choice daughter, one that will be in our hearts forever.
She is survived by her two families: the Gordon Redd family and Ed and Mary Little family, many nieces and nephews and friends.
Card of thanks
The family would like to thank all those who have helped with the love and care of Teresa throughout her life. You are too numerous to name.
Thanks to you all.
Redd and Little families

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