Margaret Blackhorse Lee Sakazzie

November 11, 1916 ~ April 6, 2008

Margaret Blackhorse Lee Sakazzie was born November 11, 1916 and died April 6, 2008. She was Deeshchii’nii and of the Salt Clan.

Margaret Sakazzie was born at Goodman Point, CO. She lived in Ismay, UT most of her life. She attended Kindergarten through the fourth grade at Shiprock Boarding school and later went to Towoac, CO and completed the fifth grade. She made plans to continue her education at the Albuquerque Indian School, but she didn’t get there.

She loved her family, her garden, sheep and goats. She was a rug weaver and worked at various jobs including the Colorado bean fields, while Boyd worked for the railroad and as a carpenter with UNDC.

She also worked at Montezuma Creek Elementary School as a grandmother. The little students all wanted her to sit by them as they ate in the cafeteria.

She was a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Scott Hurst, from Blanding, was a dear friend. She was baptized on May 31, 1969 and later went to the Mesa Temple.

She was an active member of her church and can be said that she endured to the end. She was kind and helped people.

She was married to John Lee Their two children are Benjamin Lee and Elizabeth Lee Holly. Later, she married Boyd Sakazzie.

Melvin Howard Sakazzie died when he was 31 after he fell off a cliff. Carmelita Sakazzie died as a baby. Majorie Valerie Sakazzie served an LDS mission to South and North Dakota.

Rena Sakazzie Hopkins lives in Ismay and has two grown boys, one in the military. Rena went on the LDS placement program.

Virgil Vernon Sakazzie died as an infant. Lora Sakazzie Thurston lives in Morgan, Utah. She took care of Margaret until she died in Ogden, Utah. Lora is a placement graduate and also served an LDS mission to the South and North Dakota mission. The youngest boy is Fredrick Marvin Sakazzie, who also went on the LDS Placement Program.

Margaret is survived by her husband Boyd Sakazzie who is in a rest home in Ogden, UT, close to his daughter Lora and husband Mark Thurston.

Funeral services were held in the Blanding LDS Stake Center. Interment in the Blanding cemetery.

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