Kelly Glen Shumway

October 3, 1953 ~ March 3, 2019
Kelly Glen Shumway was born on October 3, 1953 to Glen Alden and Patricia Black Shumway in Monticello, UT. Blanding, UT was his hometown.
He was the second of eight children. He had one brother whom he shared many adventures with, riding bikes, shooting bb guns, fishing, playing with cousins, and enjoying their tree house.
He also had six sisters whom he loved to tease. He would also be their most loyal defender if anyone else tried to cause them sorrow.
While in his early years, many hours were spent helping on his parent’s small farm, milking cows, hoeing weeds, and feeding the various animals.
Kelly loved to hunt with his dad and brother and children and roaming the hills looking for dinosaur bone, deer, arrowheads, or a great view.
He graduated from San Juan High School and entered the Marine Corps at the tender age of 17. He served our country for three years with one of his responsibilities as a classified photographer. He was honorably discharged after his term of service
He learned the trade of mining in his teen years and early adult life, helping his father and uncles mine uranium and vanadium in southeastern Utah and southwestern Colorado.
His career in the mining field would eventually take him to many parts of the United States. He was also an explosives expert on the set of the movie “Broken Arrow.”
Kelly and Lucinda Pace were married March 6, 2000 and were sealed in the St George Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on January 3, 2013. Lucinda was a cherished friend and companion whom Kelly loved dearly and proclaimed, “She is one good woman!”
St George has been their home for the past several years. Many ward members and neighbors have loved and helped them on their journey together.
Kelly is the father of six children, and seven stepchildren. To these children were born 30 grandchildren. He had many tender moments with the little people in his life, which brought joy and delight.
Kelly suffered with severe, incapacitating rheumatoid arthritis for many years. He is now free to wander the green hills of Heaven. If there are arrowheads there, he is sure to find them.
It will be a wondrous reunion with his father who proceeded him in death, along with many other friends and family members.
He is survived by his wife Lucinda, his mother, brother, six sisters, six children, seven step children and their spouses, grandchildren, and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins, and his two fury buddies Sim and Tres.

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