Jeramia Bennett

Passed away at the age of 30

Jeramia Bennett, age 30, formerly of Canjilon, NM and recently of Denver, CO, has passed away.

He leaves a family of descedants, many of them from the Four Corners states. His great grandfather, Emilano Montano, worked with the Redd family in the early 1930’s and 1940’s.

Jeramia Bennett is survived by his mother Peggy, and grandmother Stella Martinez. They were involved in raising him through his teenage years.

Jeramia has a rich heritage and background. He loved to be a cowboy and helped out his family at all times. His good work ethic, love for his family and others was far beyond his own expectations.

Jeramia is preceded in death by his late grandfather Fidel Martinez Sr., Emilano Montano and Onofre Montano.

Card of thanks

Our Heavenly Father has given us family, mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters and cousins. What a wonderful world we are in to be a part of a family where if something happens…we all pull together to help out one another.

Jeramia’s family thanks the one who makes families possible.

To our Heavenly Father, he is the creator and father to all.

Peggy Bennett

Stella Martinez

Cell & Jennie Montano

Gus & Mary Lou Montano

Della Ocana

Carmen Trujillo

Jennie Garcia

Benny Montano

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