James DeMar Redd

September 15, 1948 ~ June 11, 2009

James DeMar Redd was born September 15, 1948 to Preston “Pep” and Emily Washburn Redd in Monticello, UT. He grew up in Blanding, UT and loved San Juan County.

Jim knew that he would be a doctor since before the age of 10, when he would walk across the street to Dr. Root’s office for his asthma shots.

At the age of 14, while being tested for migraine headaches, Jim questioned a nurse’s procedure, and he was right. The physician that was treating Jim later became his professor at the University of Utah Medical School.

As a teen, Jim worked in his Dad’s uranium mines on Hoskininni Mesa and the Blue Lizard in Red Canyon. After that experience Jim said, “All these flippin’ gnats are trained in Red Canyon and the ones that aren’t tough enough are kicked out!”

Jim was an all-around athlete, playing football, baseball and basketball, but during his junior year he gave up basketball so he would have more time to excel in geometry.

Jim and his wife, Jeanne, were high school sweethearts who became engaged two days after Jim returned from serving a West Spanish American Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where he learned to speak fluent Spanish.

It is impossible to put into words the ultimate love Jim and Jeanne experienced. Jim was so proud that Jeanne always gave of her time so selflessly, playing the organ for church since the age of 11. He could never speak her name without a smile on his face.

Jim loved the gospel of Jesus Christ and studied every detail of the Prophet Joseph’s life. He loved his calling as a Gospel Doctrine teacher and past callings as Elder’s Quorum President, Teacher’s Quorum Advisor, Stake Mission President, and as a member of the Young Men’s Presidency in his ward. He always served as a dedicated home teacher and took that calling very seriously.

Jim had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He read widely and could easily discuss any subject like an expert.

He was also an avid hunter of all game, having hunted in surrounding states, in Canada, Alaska, Mexico and most recently, in Africa. But his ultimate hunting love was upland game birds. He particularly loved hunting pheasants in Kansas, where his dad once owned a feed lot.

Dr. Redd will most be remembered for his years and years of generous service as a skilled physician. Jim was a native son of Blanding who returned to give back to San Juan County in so many ways.

He performed countless surgeries to alleviate suffering. He delivered well in excess of 2,000 babies (some he even delivered in cars) and made house calls when needed.

Dr. Redd always served those who showed up at his door, no matter what hour. He once saved the life of a baby after the mother arrived at the door with an infant who had stopped breathing. Jeanne took the baby in her arms and rushed into the bathroom where Jim was.

Stories like these are as numerous as his patients, friends, and family.

Dr. Redd was a true friend to people of the Navajo Nation and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, learning enough of their languages that he could share their friendship and treat their medical needs appropriately.

He took whatever time was needed to treat the aging and gave free physicals to Boy Scouts and young men leaving for LDS missions.

For almost six years, Dr. Redd was the only physician in this region, on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Dr. Redd was quick and accurate with a diagnosis, never flinching at difficult tasks like handling and triaging multiple victims in a bus crash. He was also honored for his treatment of many illegals who were involved in a single van crash.

Dr. Redd’s intellect and skill would have made him highly successful in any big city, but Jim chose to make his home where he could give the most and make the biggest contribution.

Over the span of his career, Dr. Redd has saved countless lives and fulfilled his greatest desire—to serve the people and the county he loved. He has served San Juan County well and his legacy will never die.

Dr. Redd graduated from his mortal life on June 11, 2009. He is survived by his adoring wife, Jeanne Hunt Redd, daughter Jericca Redd and grandson Sebastion “Seabass,” son Jay D. Redd, DMD, son Javalan D. Redd (Tara) and grandsons Jaggar and Krew Redd, daughter Jamaica (Shay) Lyman, and daughter Jasmine Presley Redd.

Card of thanks
The family of Dr. James D. Redd wishes to thank members of the community for their outpouring of love, support and prayers.

Jeanne Redd
Jericca Redd & Seabass
Jay Redd
Jav & Tara Redd and Jaggar & Krew
Jamaica & Shay Lyman
Jasmine Redd

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