Gunner Crius Workman

November 29, 2010
Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for this wonderful community. The support, love, kindness and prayers you have shared with us with the loss of our beautiful Baby Gunner have carried us every step, and has given our family strength and comfort.
Special thanks to Dr. Val Jones, Michelle Lyman and the nursing staff who cared for us at Blue Mountain Hospital for your excellent medical care and the compassion you shared as you cared for us, our family and Gunner as if they were your own.
To Danny Palmer at San Juan Mortuary. We knew we could not hold our baby forever, but in that moment that he left our arms, we were greatly comforted in knowing that he was in the care of a friend-a father and brother- whose heart broke with ours. We could never repay you for your guidance and patience in our many, many visits and your generosity to us.
We are so fortunate to have such dear friends, to live in this beautiful “small-town world.” The sadness and sorrow are deep, and often dark. It is your shared tears, your hopeful smiles, your light, and your service that remind us we are never alone. We are forever indebted to you.
Corey, Eva, India, Reagan & Presley Workman
Al & Shirley Clarke families
Rodney & Betty Workman families

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