Fawn Jensen Dickerman

April 16, 1915 ~ December 9, 2012
Fawn Jenson Somerville Dickerman was born in Monticello, UT, on April 16, 1915 She passed away at age 97 on December 9, 2012, in Draper, UT.
Fawn arrived at a time when her parents were homesteading their farm southeast of Monticello.
Fawn went to school at Monticello Elementary and graduated from Monticello High School. There were six students in her graduating class.
Fawn was a voracious reader. She studied and learned throughout her life. She had a great interest in and knowledge of the Native American culture and remembers the army coming to put down the last Indian rebellion with Chief Posey.
She remembers the Indians sitting under the large trees in her grandmother’s yard and her aunts feeding them and caring for the little ones.
After high school graduation, Fawn attended Brigham Young University. She met a handsome cowboy from Moab, Rulon Somerville of the Scorup-Somerville Cattle Company. They fell in love and married after completing her freshman year.
As a new bride of 19, Fawn wanted to spend all her time with her wonderful husband. She suited up like one of the cowboys in men’s Levis and rode horseback on the trail with her husband and his cowhands.
Together, she and Rulon and the cowboys rounded up the cattle, branded, ear marked, and dehorned them in the Spring. They drifted the cattle from the winter range to the summer range and back again.
Rulon’s dad was a partner in the Scorup-Somerville Cattle Company. Rulon managed the cattle, horses, men and the land as foreman of the Spring Creek and Head-of-The-Creek Ranches. It was a big job but he was very good at the management and planning it took to do the job well.
Fawn helped and supported him throughout his life. They eventually had four children (three boys and a girl). The family spent the school year in their Monticello home and summers at the Ranch.
Rulon died suddenly of a heart attack in 1956, leaving a young mother and the kids lost without him. Fawn went to work at her family grocery store. Her father’s butcher shop had grown over the years and now included a grocery, dry goods and meat market. It was the only store in town at the time. The store is still in operation, providing goods, services and employment to the city.
Later, Fawn met and married Edward D. Dickerman, a metallurgical engineer who was working in Monticello. They lived in Naturita, CO, Durango, CO, Shiprock, NM, Cambridge, OH, and Golden, CO. When Ed retired, they moved to Salt Lake City for the rest of their lives. Ed died in 1994.
Fawn is preceded in death by her parents, husbands Rulon Somerville and Edward Dickerman, brother Ned Jensen, and son David Somerville.
She is survived by three children; Kedric Somerville, Callie (Joe) Beall, and Michael (Judee) Somerville and their families, daughter-in-law Judy S. (Art) Cheney and her family, sister-in-law Susan D. (Charles) Toomey, 13 grandchildren, 40 great grandchildren and 11 great-great grandchildren. They were a wonderful, loving support system for her and she loved them very much.
Over the years, Fawn enjoyed many hobbies, including China painting, quilting, ceramics, reading and restoring furniture. She enjoyed traveling with her sisters and brother, her children and their families. Her sweet, kind nature garnered her many friends throughout her life.
She was a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and had a strong testimony of the gospel. She quietly went about living the gospel - treating those around her as she would like to be treated.
The family would like to thank the professionals at the Wentworth Assisted Living in Draper UT, and Curo Hospice who provided tender loving care.

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