David Wayne Garner

David Wayne Garner was born on January 11, 1943, in Grand Junction CO, the closest hospital to the mining town of Uravan, where he joined his parents Douglas (Tex) and Eola Garner.
A year and a half later, his brother Ronald was born. The two “Garner boys,” as they were dubbed, spent the next 78 years navigating life together.
It was rare to see the brothers apart from one another. They worked, lived, played, coached, and watched sports together.
In the years after Ron’s birth, their family was completed with the births of “Corky” (James) and Pamela.
David’s father Tex was a uranium miner and a well-known baseball player. He had a chance at a major league career but let his larger-than-life personality get in the way.
David, on the other hand, was a man of action not words. His life was dominated by enthusiasm for baseball.
As children, Dave, Ron, and their little brother Corky played ball as much as possible. It didn’t matter that the Garners often lived in rural towns lacking baseball facilities.
They often honed their skills near uranium mines while their father worked to bring in the element needed to build atomic bombs during/beyond World War II.
The absence of grass, bases, or even proper equipment didn’t deter their drive for the sport they loved. It was clear from the get-go that Dave and Ron were built for coaching and Corky was the talent.
Their dedication paid off. With help from his brothers, Corky went on to play at Utah State University, not a small feat for small-town boys who rarely had the luxury of a well-kept ball fields.
The second chapter of David’s life began with his marriage to Robin Garner in 1979 while working in the uranium industry, and later oil and gas, in New Mexico.
He quickly adopted Robin’s daughter from a previous marriage, Carley, and they soon had a child of their own, Douglas (named after David’s dad).
Shortly after, the new family, including Ron, moved to the town the “Garner boys” considered home, Moab, UT.
David, with Ron by his side, devoted decades to coaching and supporting youth baseball.
He was generous with his time and resources and was a fixture at the ball fields in Moab and Monticello.
Later in life, his passion was redirected to his only grandson, Daron Garner. David’s retirement years were happily spent looking after Daron and following him to sporting events.
Sacrifice was in David’s DNA. Throughout his life, he habitually sacrificed opportunities for education, money, and success to ensure his siblings and children were presented with those prospects.
By all accounts, his game plan was successful. He was the ultimate example of work ethic and integrity.
As a small business owner in a non-stop industry, days off were rare. He took pride in his reputation of being an honest and generous employer in his small community.
David Garner passed at the age of 79 on June 24, 2022, at his home in Monticello, UT.
In lieu of flowers, go outside and play catch, or watch a ball game with a loved one.

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