Caroline G. King

Loving daughter, sister, friend
Caroline G. King has gracefully passed on to the life God has promised each of us on February 15, 2013. In her 53 years, she tackled life like she did almost everything she encountered, armed with a positive attitude and determined to make the best out of it all.
Carol graduated from Monticello High School in 1977, during which time she also worked as a cashier at the Blue Mountain grocery store, waited tables at the 10 Wheeler, the Golf Course, and babysat, proudly keeping beautifully manicured nails the entire time.
Carol moved to Westwood, CA in the summer of 1977 where she worked at TRW, Inc., and later at Northrop, Inc., in southern California. Shortly after starting at Northrop, a new recognition program for the employees of Northrop was offered. Carol became one of the first (out of thousands) to earn the award, along with a promotion.
Her parents were a priority in Carol’s life. Taking such great care of her ailing father, making sure he lived close enough to her so that she could visit him regularly; caring for him until his passing.
Carol also devoted much of her time taking care of her mother. The two of them traveled everywhere together, Las Vegas, the World Expo in Canada, Anchorage, New York City, Niagara Falls, and much more of the West and East coast. Talking several times a day on the phone was an everyday treasure of theirs.
Carol was a great cook. We couldn’t wait for her to come home and try some new recipe on us she had learned in Home Ec. Mexican food was her specialty.
Carol also enjoyed sending loved ones her hand-painted cards, entertaining, telling a good story, sharing a joke, impersonating people and teaching children something new, including writing their names, how to play spoons and yes, Gin Rummy.
Carol taught her eight-year-old nephew how to drive her car (thanks, Sis), and her three-year-old niece how to impersonate Katherine Hepburn, spot on.
It was incredibly important to Carol to let every child she met know that they were something special. She went to great lengths, pretending she knew how to do anything they knew how to do, to make them laugh and be happy.
Carol loved Elvis Presley, his music, and the Dallas Cowboys.
Carol was very proud of her participation in the design of the Veteran’s Memorial located in the Monticello City Park.
With memories of going with Carol to restaurants, shopping, movie theaters, etc., often times we were miles from home and not expecting to know anyone. Undoubtedly, we would hear someone yell Carol’s name from across the place to say hello to her. Carol never met a stranger.
Carol bought coffee for homeless people, fixed meals for lonely people, cared for the elderly and neighbors just home from the hospital, volunteered for The Race for the Cure, and simply offered her friendship to the lucky ones. All of this, long before she would go on to need any of this same attention.
Carol was determined that she had a fight in her that cancer had never met, right up to the last moment making jokes, holding on to hope that the sun would return to shine on her each morning, so that she could regain her health and go on making others comfortable and happy.
Carol is preceded in death by her father, Max King, who taught her laughter, art, and the love of country music; and her brother, Enrico King, with whom she enjoyed being mischievous.
Carol is survived by her loving mother, Angeline G. King, who taught her strength and the importance and simplicity of love; brothers David, DuVal, Johnson (Julie), William (Tracy) and Lorenzo King; sisters Julie (King) Bowles, and Marci King and nieces and nephew whom she thought of as her own. Nephews are Alejandro, Orlando, Jadon and Karson and nieces are Elisha, Jacy, Emily, Angelina, Lucia, Allison, Sant. And many aunts, uncles and cousins, all of whom she loved…dearly.

Card of thanks
In no way can “Thank you” ever be enough for Mom, Aunt Lenore, David, Uncle Johnson and their tireless hours of care. It is incomprehensible the volume of strength, love, and compassion in each of them.
Carol’s other very loving angels: Kay, Dick, Sue, Vern, Debbie, Bob, Dave, Lori, and Dennis …it is difficult to put into words how much we appreciate all you have done!
Thank you, to all who had Carol in their thoughts and prayers, sent well wishes, cards and flowers. It is unbelievable how many lives Carol touched.
Also, known affectionately as Scarecrow, Reina (Queen), and Palomita (Dove), it is not likely there will ever be another one like Carol.
Que Dios te lo pague.

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