Antonio Hamm

November 17, 1962 ~ November 7, 2008

Antonio Hamm died in Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, UT. He was a life time resident of Montezuma Creek, UT.  Antonio married Libby Dee on July 7, 1985 and has two boys – Nathaniel and Theron Hamm.

He is survived by his mother Mamie and the late Joe Hamm, three brothers and six sisters.  Also Sister-in-law – Elsie Dee Benally, Fannie Dee Nez, Luke Dee and his mother-in-law.

Antonio started at the old Ratherford Pre-school.  The old building still stands and the pre-school is located by the CEU building in Montezuma Creek.

His sister says he had Navajo names for all his nieces and nephews and they call him, “Leprechaun,”   While growing up, he joined the Boy Scout Unit under Mr. Ronald K. Barlow, an elementary school teacher.  He loved wearing his boy scout uniform and the various scout activities.

During the summer he took his nieces and nephew swimming in the San Juan River and took them to the old drive in movie that was owned by the Howe family of Monticello, Utah.

He was very traditional as he would say, “Ya’a’teeh, I am of this clan.” And he would shake their hands.  He would greet people by their clans.

Antonio was a handyman, and he would fix his truck and kept it clean and spotless. He was also a carpenter.  He built for his family an eight-room house.

He had various jobs – UNDC carpenter, Utah Metal Works in Salt Lake City, and finally returning home to the Four Corners area to drive trucks for various road construction projects.  He also worked for Lee’s Trucking company in Montezuma Creek.

In 2005, he began working for Montezuma Well Service.  He enjoyed working there and made many friends.  

He was a quiet, patient, kind and playful person. He was especially proud of his two sons.  He was also proud of Michelle Ham, now serving in the United State Navy and Natisha Dee, also serving in United States Marine Corp.

He will be missed by all those that knew him.

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