Notes from Westwater

When I was six, I was reading Wind in the Willows in my bedroom. Suddenly, something alerted me to danger, and I looked up just as a tiny spider crawled down the wall toward me.  Mustering all my courage, I stayed still and watched as it scuttled closer and closer and closer. Finally, I could stand...
NOTES FROM WESTWATER I lived for a time in Emporia, Kansas, home of William Allen White, the Pulitzer prize-winning owner, publisher, and editor of the Emporia Gazette. His son, William Lindsay White, served as an associate editor in the 1930s, and in 1935, during the height of the Dust Bowl, he...
Many years ago, I was sitting under a juniper in Westwater, contemplating life with my eyes closed. Suddenly, they popped open on their own accord, and a fox, perhaps three feet away, was beelining toward me. It had gigantic ears, a black snout, and gray coloring with reddish hair on its ears,...
Early in April, Ted and I explored the south side of Recapture Reservoir with our cameras. We felt a sense of wonder as water poured in from Johnson Creek and Recapture. The peninsula had once again become an island, and the old highway disappeared beneath muddy waves. Wildflowers cloaked the area...


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