Winter white

by Maxine Deeter
It is good to see the world covered in winter white – especially “The Mountain”. Christmas Eve day was perfect with gentle snow falling all day. Kids were out and about sledding – or as they do in modern times, being pulled on sleds behind a four-wheeler. It was a great day to enjoy the winter holiday. But, near sundown a blizzard hit. And not everyone spent the day in holiday enjoyment.
Those unsung heroes – our local road guys – spent a very long day out and about on their appointed rounds keeping the roads open and safe for those “going over the river and through the woods” or who like to put off their Christmas shopping until the last minute.
It is not the first holiday they have spent this way either. Sometimes all they get while the rest of the world enjoys Christmas is a quick nap, a new supply of “Dew” and an hour or two to watch the family open their gifts. Can’t sing enough about these guys.
The holiday doings actually all got started on Thursday night with those cute kiddos at La Sal Elementary. They had their annual Christmas program that evening. One of the joys of my chemo regimen is being gone for events such as this. So, I have to rely on my imbedded sources for info to pass along.
This year featured new and old traditions. Of course the accomplishments of the kids were touted. These students work hard all year. As far as talent – there were some new renditions. Mr. D. C. Swafford played Jingle Bells on the keyboard/organ. A trio of girls: Valerie Lopez, Payton Mallory and Kaymee Freestone sang Silent Night. The boys of Mrs. Bunker’s class presented an original play: “Four Days Until Christmas”. from all I heard, it was a great evening.
In the usual category, at the end of the evening the local volunteer fire department folks showed up in their truck transporting Santa to the Community Center to deliver goodie bags to all the good little boys and girls of La Sal. (Remember we only have good boys and girls here in La Sa). Behind the scenes there are “elf” mom’s who make this all happen and help Santa in his endeavors.
Speaking of elfs and Santa, they were spotted out and about again in the fire truck on Saturday evening making the “Toys for Tots” deliveries. A lot of folks here and about make donations to make this come to pass. The head elf ask that I pass along a big THANK YOU to all who helped in any way. “Tis is the season for generous, random acts of kindness.
Lots of folks must have still been in a festive mood as there was a good turn-out to the holiday pot luck hosted by the LDS folks the Friday after Christmas.
The Boy Scouts and their fearless leader were in charge of cooking the hams. Everyone else brought along side dishes to share. It was also a great opportunity to share some of the left over Christmas goodies. Hey, works for me. Saves me the trouble of eating them all up by myself!
The holiday season also brings “home” lots of former La Salians to visit their families and old haunts. It is always fun to meet and greet and reminisce about old times.
Okay, I did not make all this next item up – no, someone else did. The true fact: our local deputy Officer Todd is sporting a big bunch of stitches on his chin. The first story I heard in explanation (and also the best – even if somewhat unbelievable) involves three biker dudes, one with a knife and two with guns who are now all shot dead.
Guess if that was true – it would have been on the evening news. Other stories include an angry wife (totally unbelievable if you know the Mrs.) and a mirror that shattered as he viewed himself in it. For kicks why don’t you ask Deputy Todd for an explanation and see what you hear. It will be good.
Keep praying for snow. The Mountain looks lovely in her winter white. It also means showers and a drink next summer.

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