Studebaker Food Truck on the move

The bright yellow food truck, which for several months has been tethered to  Es’ La Sal Store, has pulled up anchor and moved on out of town.
Their first jaunt was on Pioneer Day last month as they set up shop in the park in Monticello, along with other mobile eateries.  However, they did not return and stay at home base.
If you’ve driven by La Sal Junction since then, you will spy the food truck there.  You will also notice that the little business building that has been mostly deserted for decades, is wearing that same sunshiny color as the Studebaker Station.
Currently, that is the new location of the food truck.  Some folks in our village really miss the convenience of grabbing a burger and fries right here in downtown Sierra La Sal.
Unfortunately, the “station”  recently suffered an injury.  Seems a semi truck – while turning around – knocked into the food mobile.  The driver said opps, sorry and blithely headed on down the road.  Say what!  
Well our food guys got his license plate number so we’ll see what happens from here.  I’m sure this will delay their opening a bit.
I think I mentioned a tidbit of history associated with the La Sal Junction site.  Its claim to fame is that scenes from the movie Transformers were filmed there a decade ago.  
Not my kind of movie, but I did watch it just to see the local location.  Besides, you can’t go wrong looking over Mark Walburg.  Muscles!
A sure sign of impending Fall is not only the kiddos headed back to school, but the start of many hunting seasons.  
I believe it was archery deer starting last weekend but I’m not a hunter so don’t keep up on these things. 
Whatever, lots of folks in bright orange thronged the cute little store in downtown La Sal.  They were doing a thriving business over the weekend. 
It’ll just continue as one hunting season after another comes down the pike through Fall.  I still miss the Catholic Church burrito meal during the hunt.
La Sal Store extended their hours, including being open on Sunday and staying open longer in the evening.  They have a little bit of everything.  If they don’t have it, mention it to Evertt and you’ll probably find it stocked on the shelf soon enough.
If it’s hunting season, lots of people will be heading to The Mountain.  We’ve had a really good County road guy the last few years, although he lives a little bit away from our village, on Three Step Hill. 
There has recently been a change in County road guys here.  Bill Wareham, late of UDOT, is now the County road maintenance man.  It’s always nice when these guys are local and have a vested interest in the community and surrounding area.  The Mountain roads, in particular, benefit from local employees.  Hope our State roads don’t suffer this winter.
The La Sal Seniors held the monthly rummage or whatever sale last Saturday.  It also included a Farmer’s Market.  It’s that time of year when the gardens are starting to produce.  Yum, nothing like fresh produce. These monthly sales have booths featuring all kinds of wares, including home baked goods.  It’s fun to come out and see what is being offered.
Speaking of which, a community “harvest” pot luck will be hosted by the Latter Day Saint Church this Sunday at noon.  Everyone within the sound of my voice and beyond is invited. Go to your garden and come prepared to share produce with friends.  Cook up some special dish using what’s in your garden.
Also this Saturday, the local Relief Society will meet to have instructions on proper preservation methods for home storage.  It  will be held at the LDS Church starting at 10 a.m.  A light lunch will be provided.  This is a Ya’ll come get-together.  
I know that some men can and freeze food for later consumption. They are also invited.  They may have to go home and find more victuals as a light lunch might not satisfy their appetites.

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