Slithering, sliding, and crawling to La Sal

That would be the return of “Scales and Tales” on July 1 at the La Sal Community Center. These folks and their critters have been here before and are liked by many.
I’d give you a firsthand report, but I’m not one of those who cares for snakes and lizards and other creepy crawlies.
There was a goodly crowd this year with a dozen kids and five adults. From photos I’ve seen, this was a hands-on experience. “Wanna help hold a great big snake?” 
My partner in crime and I were in our growing up area of southeastern Arizona two weeks ago for a funeral.
This is between Tucson and Tombstone in the Great Sonoran Desert. I will admit that there is a certain charm to the area – a unique beauty. Of course it does not compare, at least in my eyes, to the mountains to canyonlands loveliness of our area.
I can sit on my deck and gaze north to The Mountain or look southwesterly to the vistas of the Canyonlands. But, I wouldn’t live in southern Arizona again.
The reason: take all the scary critters that you hate and super-size them and you have Arizona wildlife. Now, they do not grow rattlesnakes as big as the snake from Scales and Tails (which was not a rattler nor do I think even native to at least the western US).
Few places, with the exception of other desert states, grow rattlers as big as Arizona. Same with bugs – big and everything wants to bite you.
Ergo, I shan’t dwell in Arizona again nor will I probably attend “Scales and Tales” in the future. 
Saturday featured the semi-weekly La Sal Farmer’s Market. I stopped by early (free cup cake if you did!). There were several vendors as usual with all kinds of fare from custom soaps, to various works of art and even a few early season veggies and garden plants. These markets continue through the summer.
The scheduled Book Club night two week was cancelled. As for me, you know my affinity for The Mountain. If I get a chance to go there, I’ll skip about anything in the valley and such was the case that night.
Our current read is Band of Brothers. Great read. Book Club night is scheduled for July 29.
Last Saturday found us in the camper enjoying a hard rain of nearly two hours. Bet there was an inch of rain. The Mountain, at least for now, is lush and green. Just wish the valley and village were more so. We have gotten some rain here too of late, for which we are very grateful. Hope that’s priming the pump.
Don’t forget this Saturday evening is a fund raising dinner and auction at the Community Center for motocross phenom Sierra Bull to help pay for her trip to AMA Amateur Motocross Championship in Tennessee August 1-6. The lasagna dinner and auction begins at 5 p.m. on August 9.
For more info, contact Christine Bull at or at 985-377-4829. There are posters at the Store and Post Office and a post on Facebook. 
The community Facebook page at “La Sal Barter and Trade” includes all things La Sal. In fact, photos of any of the above events are there. 
An all Ladies of La Sal game night was scheduled for June 28. Unfortunately, the lure of The Mountain won again and I did not attend. That makes me a not dedicated reporter. 
There was an event that fell in the time warp between me writing and you reading. It is what is now an annual La Sal event, a burger and dog cookout sponsored by Ana and Hal Adams at her La Sal Store.
Can’t tell you much about that either as it hasn’t happened yet as I write. But, my prediction is that the “lure” overcame me and I missed it just as I have in year’s past. Reference bad reporter above.

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