School is out – It should be summer

We finished planting all the flowers in our yard last week.  I think they are now growing in Moab.  In our yard is now a goodly portion of the Navajo Reservation.  Hope they planted something interesting in that soil before it blew to Sierra La Sal. 
We can just be grateful that we did not suffer as those in the Southeast have.  The roof is still firmly attached to the house – sans a few shingles.
In San Juan School District, school ended a week ago.  Grand County schools are still in session for a few more days.  Though most students from La Sal attend school in Monticello, there are a few who go north to Moab for school – those who have parents who work there every day. 
Grand County High’s “Student of the Year” for 2010-2011 is one of our own La Salians – Lauren Keogh.  She is the daughter of Tom and Anita Keogh and the younger sister of Donald Keogh.  Incidentally, Donald was GCHS student of the year four years ago.  What a great family tradition to carry on.  She is the granddaughter of Brenda and Fred Stocks of Pine Ridge.  Way to go Lauren!
The kiddos at La Sal E. celebrated the end of the school year last Tuesday night in their usual exuberant style.  There was singing and reading, and LOTS of awards! 
Both classes presented a readers theatre.  The kindergarteners and first graders did a creative patriotic “movement” poem including red, white and blue streamers attached to their wrists.  The second and third graders did a readers theatre of an excerpt from “Charlotte’s Web”.  Good readers all!
The older students also demonstrated science experiments. 
The third grade class – those graduating to Monticello Elementary next year – made up nearly half of the school populations this year.  Ten students will head to the big school next year. 
They each received a graduation autograph bear signed by all the students at the school.  It included a nice water bottle.  Might come in handy on the long ride to Monticello next year.
Also “graduating” from La Sal E. were special aide, John Johnson whose services are now needed in MES next year.  After 13 years, chief cook and bottle washer (cook extraordinaire that is) Loris Blankenagel is retiring. She has been the cook at LSE since the lunchroom was first instituted.  Her cooking is legendary.  She will be missed.
Now, for all the awards and opportunities the students had this year.  These kids were real achievers.  There was “Club 95” for those who had attendance of at least 95 percent for the year.  Top student in this category was Adia Eberling with 98 percent attendance.  These kids all got “super soaker” water guns as a reward.  Now, if it would just turn Summer – or even Spring.
There were seven “Peak Readers”. This program was a family affair, with the work being done at home with parents.  These seven received tickets to “Seven Peaks” who sponsors the program.
“Reading to the Moon” was another program this year, encouraging extra-circular reading.  One student, just in kindergarten, read eight and a half times to the moon and back!  We love to read in La Sal.
San Juan School District participated in a program called “Road to Success” sponsored in part by Ken Garth.  We are the only district south of Provo to do so.  It required reading five to seven days a week.  Prizes included $50 savings bonds and four bikes being given away by drawing during the year.  Wow, four kids at La Sal E. got new bikes!
The local PTO again sponsored Math Facts.  Not only are our kids great readers, they know their math as well.  Each one who passed these tests received a special T-shirt.  It was a great year at La Sal E.  We only have good kids here!
Coming to La Sal for the first time this last Saturday was “Bountiful Baskets”.  I told you about these a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a co-op effort to acquire great produce.  They will now be delivered every other Saturday right here in downtown La Sal.
You’d have thought it was one of our famous community gatherings to see all the cars and folks at the community center to pick up their goodies.  This week’s fare included mangos and tomatoes and cantaloupe and pineapple and lots of veggies.  It’s always exciting to see what each basket contains. 
If you want to sign up to get a basket, call Amanda Freestone at 435-686-9971 or Jennie Davis at 435-686-2368 or go to  Also, there is a flyer at La Sal Central, a.k.a. The Store.
But, don’t expect baskets this Saturday.  No, this week, you need to cover your ears as there will be lots of Kabooming! going on.  Yep, it’s the 2011 dynamite shoot at Rattlesnake Ranch.  Details are also posted at La Sal Central.  They include GPS points for the exact location.  Seems like you ought to just be able to follow the Kabooms!

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