Scene Right Out of a Hollywood Movie

I could report that we are expecting Hollywood to descend upon the environs of La Sal to do some filming for a major motion picture as well as shots for TV series, or so I’ve heard.  And, that would be true.  However, that pretty much pertains to all of SE Utah. 
No, what I am reporting today is an incident that looked like a high speed vehicle scene from a movie, but was in fact a true life incident. 
In recent weeks I’ve witnessed vehicles racing in front of my house on our gravel surfaced road at a high rate of speed.  I did not know who this reckless driver might be.  
Last Friday evening, once again we witnessed just such an event.  A red pickup truck going about 80 miles per hour sped past our house and onto the paved county road leaving skid marks on the pavement.  
This is not good.  In our village and neighborhood, there are often youngsters walking, biking or otherwise traveling on this road.  Fortunately, that was not the case this night. 
My “used to be and sometime still is fiery tempered” spouse witnessed this irresponsible action as the truck raced passed our house again to a dead end where he proceeded to spin brodies in an empty lot.  
As he came back toward the county road, my spouse yelled at him to slow down at which point to driver swerved to hit my beloved and sped onward. 
My oldest son who happened to be visiting decided he better go check things out when his father took off after this yahoo.  
He, like his mother, knows that his pater sometimes forgets he is 75 years old and can’t get down in the dirt to take care of certain situations.  Not to fear, dad was calm and in control. 
Several other folks in our community also witnessed this mayhem and with the use of modern technology, recorded the recklessness behavior.  Aren’t cell phones a marvel!  They can also be used to call 911 in an emergency. 
A County Sheriff’s Deputy who was in the area responded to the emergency call.  At this point, Mr. Idiot Driver went down another dead-end road on the east side of town and when he emerged, was greeted by a cop as well as members of the community.  Joy ride over. 
Other law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scene.  Mr. Stupid, who was of course under some kind of yet to be determined impairment, was given a comfy seat in the back of a patrol car and escorted to town.  
In the words of a long ago Chief of Police in Moab, he earned some free nights stays at the “the gray bar motel” in Monticello.  Once again, the roads and streets are safe for kiddos and “mature” adults. 
It is suspected that this culprit has been camping out in one of his vehicles here and there around town, dumping his trash out his window.  I even heard a rumor that he was sleeping one night in downtown La Sal in his vehicle when it rolled away with him (still asleep or whatever) and ended up in one of the ranch fields here.  
Poor dude.  What shall become of him?  We shall see. 
Well, mark you calendars! The annual La Sal favorite holiday, Halloween, will be celebrated on October 29 this year.  It will be held at the Community Center, as usual.  
The carnival will be from 4 to 8, with the costume contest at 6.  All ages from babes in arms to “oldsters” will have a costume category.   
Trunk or Treat will be a 7 p.m. in the parking lot.  I’m not sure, but I’ve heard that there will be a spook house next door to the CC.  
Come and get scared,  OOOOO.  Admission is by donation.  Food will be available for purchase separate from the admission fee.  
Feed the family while you are here.  There will be lots of booths – all the usuals, fish pond, ring toss, cake walk.  Plenty of fun, games and sugar for everyone.  
Come on out and enjoy La Sal’s favorite holiday.  It comes every year about this time.

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