Scarier than normal Halloween Carnival

I can’t give you a firsthand report on this year’s Halloween Carnival as I was out of town for a couple of weeks.  
However, on the evening of the carnival, my spouse got a call from one of the coven moms – this year’s mover and shaker and doing-much-of-the-work gal, Tiffany Broderick Smith. She said there was a strong smell of propane and she was afraid of a leak.
Now, why she called my guy I do not know. He has nothing to do with the Community Center other than mopping the floor after the food bank.  
He told her that Ms. Shupe would know who to call, which she did.  It was shortly after that it was determined that the tank was just low on gas and it puts out a small at that point.  So, the carnival could proceed without any harm.
The scuttlebutt says that this year’s carnival was a big success.  That’s about all the thanks the parents get.  But, as I say, it’s La Sal’s favorite holiday.
Ah, but that wasn’t the end of the problems for our little one-room school. Seems there was a propane leak after all. This gave the kiddos of La Sal Elementary School a couple of days off from school. I wonder how many of those kids complained.
On Tuesday, Shupe was notified that the leaking tank had been emptied and the school hooked up to new tanks. It was safe for the kiddos to return to the halls of learning. Hope they enjoyed their bonus days off.
Filming is still underway in the area.  Several more locals are being used as extras. They are finding it is a sit-around-and-wait sort of process. In the filming projects I monitored during my career at my day job, I found nothing much glamorous about the process.
The Food Bank folks sponsored a spaghetti dinner Friday night. They have no source of funds. They just receive commodities, so this will help with a few extras that might be needed. It seemed to be well-attended.
If you see strangers behind the till at the La Sal Store, don’t be surprised. Ana and Hal Adams are retiring from proprietorship of the store and handing it over to new folks.
I’ll tell you what. I’ll put on my snoopy reporter garb and go talk to these new folks and introduce them to you.
Not much else going on in our village. At least that’s all the news fit to print for now.

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