A Promise Fulfilled – Finally

Last week’s newspaper had a photo of flooding at the Hideout Golf Club. A couple of weeks before that, there was flooding in parts of Moab.
La Sal sits between the two towns, but rain has been noticeably absent in our village environs. We keep looking at our weather app on our smarter than us phones and just can’t see how storms could possibly miss us, but they do.
Last Friday, we finally got a nice, drenching storm. It garnered 0.62 inches of rain. Yay! Big, fat drops fell. There was even a little evidence of hail, which fortunately did not hurt local gardens.
Sunday night we viewed the radar map to see another big blob surely headed to La Sal. Nope, once again is managed to skirt around us. My teen-aged grandsons were out on the deck with us viewing what one of them termed Nature’s Fireworks. I must admit they were spectacular to view, but we did not get very wet.
I love regular fireworks but, alas, my partner – he who goes to bed and gets up before the chickens – does not take me to them.
Guess I’ll just have to be content with Ma Nature’s light and sound show. Sure wish it would get us wet, though.
Sierra Bull, our little six-year-old motocross phenom, will soon head to race at the world’s most prestigious motocross event, the Loretta Lynn AMA Amateur Motocross Championship in Tennessee August 1 through 6.
On July 9, a fund-raising dinner was held and attended by about 30 people. I’m sure donations would still be appreciated. I missed the dinner but still plan to make a contribution for her travels. We wish her the best of luck. Stay tuned.
Not much else happening newsworthy in our village. As I always say, that is usually good news. Sure wish Ma would grace us with more wet stuff.

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