Please pardon me while I interrupt 

It’s not my week to write this column, but there is some updating necessary.

First of all, the La Sal Elementary kiddos program has been moved up a day to Tuesday, December 21. It starts at 6 p.m. sharp. These folks somehow ignore La Sal Standard time.

Next, a report on the first (hopefully annual) Cowboy Christmas Craft Fair.

I declare it a rousing success! I’m not alone in this proclamation. A whole lot of folks declare the same.

There were a dozen or so booths (sorry, I didn’t count) with everything from soup to nuts for sale.

Well, not quite. One booth proprietor lured customers into her booth by giving away chocolate-covered walnuts as well as hand-dipped cherry and raspberry chocolates.

You can cover about anything in chocolate and it’ll be tasty. I do draw the line at any kind of insect so dipped. Ugh.

By the way, if you do have a hankering for fried insects, stop by the little C store just off the highway in Helper. They really do sell them there. But I digress.

Several booths had some very nice artwork for sale. We have some talented painters, sketchers, and photographers. Two photographers are actually in business and can be hired to fill your photo needs.

Other booths included traditional handwork items: quilts, crocheted clothing, and various similar items.

There was also one booth – again hosted by a commercial artisan – with beautiful leather goods. In the corner prominently displayed were unique items, Christmas earrings, and decorations as well as some very interesting lamps and lights which appeared to be utilizing all the junk you have strewn across your workbench.

At 11 a.m., a family – I believe they were from Monticello – appeared and took over the kitchen. Their fare: Navajo Tacos.

Everyone waited in anticipation to purchase one of our area’s favorite dishes. No one was disappointed; they were yummy.

Yes, I declare the Fair a success and hope it is back again next year. Kudos go to Allyssa Wilcox, the ramrod of the whole affair.

Some festivities have been cancelled again for this year in fear of the COVID. Too bad. We were hoping things would be a little more back to normal.

However, a party that did go forward after being skipped last year due to the pandemic was the get together of the local Food Bank Volunteers.

One of these folks hosted everyone else at Doug’s BBQ in Monticello. Several times through the night she announced loudly that if you went home hungry, it was your own fault.

No one went home hungry. In fact, at our house, we had BBQ ribs and Navajo tacos for Sunday dinner. The cook was happy for the day off from cooking.

Speaking of volunteers, the fire folk will be hosting their monthly fundraising breakfast this Saturday, December 18. Gives the cook another day off.

Some of our folks go to Paradox on the second Saturday of each month to support their volunteer fire department who also hold a monthly fundraising breakfast. Couldn’t make it without our volunteers.

Also monthly is the visit of the Utah Food Bank truck from Salt Lake City. That will be today if you are reading digitally, or it was yesterday if you read the old-fashioned way.

Since I’m interloping, I’m going to keep this short. Just didn’t want you to have the wrong date for kiddos’ big night.

Will I see you there? I think Santa’s coming, so you probably don’t want to miss him, flashing lights and all.

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