The play that almost wasn’t. Was it a Grinch that stole the show? 

December 21 was the night appointed for the annual (except for last year) La Sal Elementary School Christmas Program.

After being skipped last year due to COVID, there was a lot of anticipation for the program’s return. Scheduled for this year was the play “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Parts were learned, songs and readings memorized, and everything rehearsed in anticipation of the upcoming stellar performance.

However, several days prior to the expected premiere – at least the La Sal performance – it was discovered that there was no heat in the Community Center.

Could it be “The, the, the Grinch!”

No, dads and others sought to find the reason for the cold snap inside. Finally, clues lead to the fact that the propane tanks had recently been filled and for some reason the gas was not getting to the heaters in the building

Da ta da da: to save the day the maintenance folks at the school district discovered the problem and the gassy people came to fix the heat just in the nick (Ha, Nick. Get it!?) of time.

The propane guy showed up to fix the pipe problems preventing the heaters to function. So the show was able to go on as planned.

Hurray. Then shows up the Grinch – actually, a dozen grinch minions.

The play was narrated by Santa’s Misses, Loris Clause, dressed all in red. The kiddos scurried around the stage acting out the plot as read by Mrs. Clause.

At one point, all 12 La Sal students appeared in green. Mean old Mr. Grinch and his helpers stripped the building of its Christmas décor etc. and hauled it off in a shopping cart.

“Where are you Christmas?”

But, as the tale goes, the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes that night and “He cared.”

No one was maimed or horribly disfigured as the little greenies brought back Christmas. This critic says it was a delightful performance!

Along the way there were musical solos and duets as well as a choral reading. I give it an A plus grade. An award winner for sure.

The play and program were completed in short order, and the kiddos and the parents in charge were a little worried that Santa wasn’t coming on time.

Fear not! Red flashing lights soon were seen making their way down Highway 46 and sure enough pulling into the community center yard.

Out jumps Santa Clause to the delight of the young ones and relief of the planners/parents.

He ho-hoed his way into the building and proceeded to carry out his Santa duties to all the good little boys and girls of La Sal. (We have no other kind of kids here.)

The next evening, Santa and his trusty elf were out and about once more spreading holiday cheer along with the fixin’s for Christmas dinner and gifts for the boys and girls.

The local volunteer fire department assures that every year, no child or family gets cheated out of a nice Christmas.

Goodbye Christmas 2021 and hello to cold old Mr. Winter. Brr, but it’s been cold since Christmas.

But I have hope. I received my first Spring seed catalog between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Things are looking up.

It’s only three months until Spring officially starts. Yes, I realized it also means that technically, winter just got underway.

It’s okay, I got my first seed catalog last week.

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