The newest elective surgery – yea or nay?

With the arrival of the pandemic last year, elective surgeries were put on hold for a while as medical resources were funneled toward fighting the virus.

After a time, though, it was possible to once again have these procedures. I’ve been contemplating just that of late. 

You see, I have this twitching in my index finger on my right hand. It’s my dominate hand.

Usually, this time of year, or maybe just a little later, the twitching digit is my right thumb, the one that operates the throttle on my ATV.

Now, this year, it is a different appendage that is giving me fits. It spasms as I hover over the “send” or “post” button on my electronic media. 

Each New Year, I make only one resolution. It’s the same one every year, and yes, I do keep it – at least until this year.

My resolution is not to make any New Year’s resolutions. However, this year with all the upheaval, vitriol, and nasty-not-niceness, I made a vow to not contribute to contention.

It’s a hard bargain to keep, I might add, and I’ve not totally succeeded. Ergo, the elective surgery. If I have the offending digit surgically removed, perhaps I can better keep my resolve. 

I have a friend who recently posted on Facebook regarding her argument with the Big Guy upstairs. As she hovered over the “post” button, He said to her, “Julie, don’t do it.” 

Her reply, “But I want to.”

Again, He admonished her not to do it.

“But I really, really want to” was her reply.

Fortunately for my friend He won the battle and she deleted her post. 

She went through the same struggle the next day. Again He prevailed.

In response to her post my spouse commented that he tells himself, “Sit on your hands Steve!”

As I thought about that, it seemed a better solution than disposing of a favorite digit. 

A few of my Facebook friends have recently announced they are dropping out of FB. Some want to spend more time with family. Some didn’t give a reason.

Well, says I, that sounds like a further solution to my dilemma. So, this year I’ve made a second, somewhat belated resolution. I am divorcing myself from Facebook.  

Especially since November and even more so since the recent inauguration, the whining, moaning, and bellyaching seems to have greatly increased on social media.

Do I need to expose myself to this vitriol? No. So FB and I are splitting the sheets.

I am checking in on Instagram from time to time. Ninety-five percent of the posts I receive there are religious. It is also where the latest doings of my grandkids and great-grandkids get posted, so I’ll keep checking in on them. 

Certainly the recent election, etc. has provided enough controversy to keep those who pule (look it up) in ammo for the next four years.

The ones for whom I feel sorry are guys like Alec Baldwin and Jimmies Fallon and Kimmel. President Biden is bland in comparison to his predecessor.

As a friend of mine recently stated, he is pretty much a milk toast. He’s not going to provide the plethora of comedic fodder of the last four years.

He will give enough cause for lots of whining and complaining on Facebook however. 

As for me, the first spring seed catalogue came in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Can spring be far behind?

Okay, yes it can, but I’ll sit here in ignorant bliss not lowering myself to the diatribes on FB.

I shall rejoice that my index finger is still part of me and not severed. The only twitching will be that of my throttle thumb. By the twitching of my thumb much less wickedness this way comes.

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