More well-attended gatherings 

Folks in La Sal came together last Thursday evening at the community center parking lot to offer a collective prayer for moisture on our parched land. About two dozen attended.

Many came early to visit with friends and neighbors. Do you think it has been a while since we’ve been able to do that?

A few minutes after 7 p.m., Kelly Green, Branch President of the local Latter-day Saint congregation, offered the prayer requesting moisture. Pastor Mike Wilcox had been slated to offer this prayer but was unable to attend.

To end the evening’s supplication, Danny McKee led the group in the Lord’s prayer.

Saturday afternoon a “scattered shower” skittered over our village and pounded down hard for a few minutes. It deposited .05 of an inch of rain, which was immediately sucked up by the dry earth.

If nothing, it left a smell not enjoyed in quite some time. Hopefully this was a priming of the pump to prepare for the July monsoons.

June 5 saw a large crowd at the community center for an open house to celebrate the 80th birthday of one of La Sal’s grandest of ladies, Margaret Garcia. Well-wishers came from far and near to congratulate her on her milestone.

Margaret and her husband, Tom, have lived most of their lives in La Sal.

They raised a family of three sons and a daughter here. They all still live in our area. As of now, four generations of their family live here in La Sal.

Two years ago, pre-COVID, the Garcia family was honored as the family of the year for our village – a well-deserved honor.

Coming soon is the birthday celebration of another of our grand ladies, Roberta (Bobbi) Wilcox Holt. She will be 90 years young and spry. Stay tuned for details in a near future column.

Every Saturday and Monday a farmer’s market is being held at the community center. I’ve told you this before, but this is just a reminder – mostly to me!

There is a great variety of offerings for sale, so come on out and join the fun and pick up some interesting items.

Welcome to the USA: If you visit La Sal Central, aka Ana’s La Sal Store, you will find a beautiful patriotic display of flowers and other national icons.

Two of our local ladies planted four barrels with these items to celebrate one of our nation’s newest citizens, Miss Ana herself. She recently passed the criteria for citizenship and is a great addition to our country.

Even though she was recently referred to lovingly as “that crazy Filipino woman,” it truly was said in a very affectionate manner.

I think it stems from several local friends who stepped in and helped her with the lambing of nearly 200 ewes when her hubby fell ill.

Between tending her store, tending her sheep, and tending her spouse, she was spread pretty thin.

Fortunately, due to the love so many friends have for her and the fact that La Sal could almost be designated a retirement community, lots of people stepped forward to help her with her flock. It is no exaggeration to say that to know Ana is to love her. Congratulations.

Here is an upcoming event we hope will be well-attended: a clean-up day at the community center. It needs a good scrub-down, general cleanup, and some maintenance.

That will be on July 10 at 10 a.m. The building gets a lot of use and it would be nice if local citizens come out to help spruce up everything.

Bring cleaning supplies, hand tools, and some elbow grease and let’s make short use of the project.

Maybe bring some food to share as well. We always work better with food.

Don’t stop praying for moisture.

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